Doctors warn that more and more young people are infected with new coronavirus in intensive care unit | Novel coronavirus

More and more young people infected with the coronavirus are being taken to hospitals-including intensive care units-where doctors warn, begging them not to “suffer unnecessary pain” and receive injections. In the first... Read more »

2021 Tokyo Olympics: France vs. USA, results, points, reactions

The defeats in the exhibition games against Nigeria and Australia in Las Vegas earlier this month set the tone for Tokyo’s “Dream Team” nightmare. This is exactly what happened. The U.S. team... Read more »

Minjee Lee breaks a seven-shot deficit to win the Evian Championship | Golf

Australia’s Minjee Lee reversed a seven-shot disadvantage before defeating South Korea’s Jeongeun Lee6 in the play-offs and won her first Grand Slam title in the Evian Championship. Lee shot 64 in the... Read more »

American talk show comedian Jackie Mason dies in New York at the age of 93

Jackie Mason (Jackie Mason) is a comedian of rabbi origin, known for his boxing, self-deprecating stand-up comedian, at the age of 93. Celebrity lawyer Raoul Felder said Mason died in Manhattan on... Read more »

The New South Wales Department of Health warns those attending the Pendle Hill gathering to be tested

After grieving family members gathered to see the surge in cases, anyone visiting their home in Sydney was urged to be tested. Of the 50 grieving people in western Sydney, at least... Read more »

Anna Kiesenhofer claimed to have shocked the glory of the road race because Van Vleuten mistaken the silver medal for the gold medal in the Olympic Games

Anna Kiesenhofer (Anna Kiesenhofer) caused the biggest upset in the history of the Olympic road race on Sunday, using the tactical errors of experienced drivers to win the women’s road race championship... Read more »

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Olyroos vs. Spain results and news

Defeating another strong football team is always a difficult task for Australia, but Graham Arnold’s team still controls their quarter-final fate in Tokyo. No one asks for a miracle, just defend, defend,... Read more »

Evian Championship 2021: The final round-live broadcast! | Sports

8.09am Eastern Time 08:09 Ko was the only member in the last group to push the bird to number 6, and all this happened at the top of the leaderboard. Lee6 will... Read more »

2021 Tokyo Olympics: Due to severe damage caused by bad weather, rowing is again facing delays

The typhoon has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but it still cannot save the Olympic rowing races in the next two days. They may not be the only sports that require... Read more »

2021 Tokyo Olympics: Andy Murray apologizes for “destroyed photos” with Olympian Hannah Mills

Either they shrunk while doing laundry, or he just bought the wrong size-Andy Murray’s choice of trousers is a good comedic relief for the British Olympic team. Andy Murray (Andy Murray) apologized... Read more »