Tokyo Olympics: Karsten Warholm world record 400 million hurdles, world reaction

No one believed that the track and field freaks they saw in Tokyo shocked people with an absolutely incredible world record.

In the incredible 400 million obstacle final held in Tokyo, the world has lost its mind.

Karsten Warholm of Norway broke his own world record and won the gold medal in 45.94 seconds, which caused the shock of global track and field enthusiasts. He became the first person to break the 46-second barrier.

From this perspective, only four runners in history have chronographs below 47 seconds, let alone below 46 seconds.

Warholm broke his previous 46.70 seconds, and American Ray Benjamin won the silver medal with 46.17 seconds-if his Norwegian opponent did not release the so-called “superman” performance, this would be a new one world record. Alison dos Santos of Brazil won the bronze medal with a score of 46.72.

Warholm’s reaction to his exciting run speaks for itself.

American sports writer Brian Martin wrote on Twitter: “The Olympic games so far. What Warholm has done is crazy.”

The former NFL player turned TV personality Shannon Sharp wrote: “Ppl, I don’t think you realized what you just watched. A person just ran Sub 46 in the 400M obstacle…still can’t believe that Warholm can run. So fast. Tsk tsk tsk.”

ABC’s Tom Harrington said: “The 400-meter hurdle is the biggest obstacle in history. Karsten Warholm broke his own Beamnesque-style world record, and the silver medalist was also lower than the previous record. Seven of the eight finalists won. A personal best. Michael Smith said it was the best he had ever seen.”

Boxer Jonathan Kumuteo added: “The 400-meter obstacle is incredible!!! The way Karsten Warholm obliterated the Olympic record and his own world record is absolutely shocking!!!”

Lou DiBella said: “This is a crazy show. Benjamin is very smart, but Warholm is Superman. Amazing time. It’s just wow!!”

Sports commentator Louis Riddick wrote on Twitter: “In the #Olympics game, the men’s 400M-H world record almost disappeared for a full second. If you follow/know the track, you know this Basically it was impossible, but it was only achieved. Excellent.”

Warholm had the least upper body movement when overcoming the early obstacles, leading the field far in the last 200 meters. The only question was whether he could keep pace and pace.

Benjamin did not give up hope and directly pushed down the home court. On the 10th, it was almost on par with the last obstacle. Warholm gritted his teeth and shook his head, looking like he might be helpless for America’s victory.

But from somewhere, the Norwegian two-time world champion dug deep, found enough energy for an extra sprint, and saw him cross the finish line.

The world record time flashed on the big screen, Warholm roared, panting heavily in the sparse pockets of athletes and team officials at the Olympic Stadium, and involuntarily tore open his shirt.

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