Chris Hemsworth was derided by the Luke brothers as a “disproportionate” Instagram photo

Even Chris Hemsworth’s brother Luke tracked a strange detail about him in Thor’s latest Instagram post.

Even Chris Hemsworth could not avoid the wits of his brother and sister.

This 37 year old Thor This week, the actor posted an innocent photo with his son and a group of animals, pouting his best blue steel, and surrounded by a rabbit, lizard and budgerigar.

But his brother Luke Hemsworth quickly pointed out a strange detail in the photo, making fun of his fat siblings in the process.

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“I started a little episode, Pet Detective. I just returned these animals to its rightful owner. My son. He tried to reciprocate with love. I prefer cash,” Chris captioned the photo .

40-year-old Luke said: “Man, your head looks very disproportionate!? Maybe give up dairy? @Chris Hemsworth”

He was not the only one who noticed. One fan wrote, “Is it me alone or this bobblehead that looks like Chris Hemsworth?”

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This is not the first time Luke has publicly sled to his brother.

In May, the Hollywood star, known for his high-intensity exercise, posted a photo of himself on the set. Thor: Love and Thunder Walk hand in hand with one of his sons.

Although it’s hard to miss his huge biceps, his fans can’t help but point out that his legs are relatively small.

When fans comment on the post, Luke posted a cruel satire: “Brother?! Are you jumping again?!”

What’s the use of big buddies?

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Luke is the eldest Hemsworth brother of Chris and Liam, and is known for his recurring appearances in popular HBO episodes Western world.

Last year, the actor told He was almost able to add Han Solo to his performance resume.

“I must have auditioned for Solo, Han Solo. I really want that,” he said.

“That person really hurts more than the others because I want it so much.

“Your cheeks will thicken quickly because you are often rejected.”

When discussing the audition process further, Luke moved from Los Angeles last year to Byron Bay where Chris lives with his family, describing it as an “alien environment.”

“The essence of an audition is that you never get feedback,” he said.

“They are usually weird. You just sit in a chair. It’s really hard.

“Confidence is sometimes…this is nonsense. This is a bluff.

“You are pretending, you just want to pass a performance that doesn’t look like you are deceiving yourself,” he said.

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