You can get revenge on your enemies for only 5 dollars

Second Chance Animal Rescue of Victoria proposed to write the name of your worst enemy on the bottom of their litter box.

feel About someone’s “poo”?

Does your boss make you work overtime? Is the neighbor playing music too loud? Maybe your ex mixed with a new girl, and now you can’t show him that you have your driver’s license (well, maybe that’s only Olivia Rodrigo’s specific, but you know what I mean).

The fact is that sometimes words don’t solve the problem, and most of the time Other forms of retaliation Yes Strongly opposed, It’s time to be creative.

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Second animal rescue This has been done in Victoria. They provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a cat they rescued to poop on the name of your worst nightmare.

Yes, you heard it right. But just their name people-shhh! We don’t want to be too “jin”.

For only $5, they will write your voodoo victim’s name on the bottom of the litter box and let nature take its course.

The best part is that your evil boss/friend/ex never has to know. But every time you see their proud faces, you will know that a cat in Victoria gave them the number 2. Forget about writing a nasty letter instead of sending it out-it’s better that way.

In addition, all the money will be used in shelters to help them rescue more animals and find new loving homes for them. Talk about two birds, one stone. Or a “dumb”-we should say.

If you are the kind of person with many enemies-never be afraid. For only $20, you can write a complete list of names on the litter box.

Here is a list of some potential candidates that we have been brainstorming:

  • The neighbor who left you some passive offensive notes
  • The man who gave you a ghost for the second time on Bumble
  • Boss who gave you “constructive feedback” in a group chat
  • Your sister ruined your favorite dress

And you know-if you own the entire kitty litter box, you can also add some collections to it, including but not limited to:

  • When you stand on high heels at work, the bus driver will lash out during the break
  • The hairdresser who cut your hair too short
  • The waiter looks at you as if this is your order, but is actually going somewhere else (heartbroken!!)
  • Pedestrians who are not on the right side of the road
  • Parking lot keeper
  • Queue jumper
  • *It is not possible to confirm whether the animal rescue center provides this service, but if your friend has a cat, you may wish to give it a try*

So if you have 5 dollars and an enemy, go here Facebook posts Learn how to set up your own poo voodoo.

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