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what is this? Why are we here? where are we going? If you linger in the 100th game between Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals, then these and more answers will be yours.

After years of preparation, a pandemic and a plague, that’s it. Most people put forward their views on the game when the game was first announced in April 2018, and further embedded their concrete boots in the months and years that followed.

But whether you are cheering for Manchester Originals, “laughing at the limit”, Oval Invincibles, “belonging to something bigger,” or just to laugh, this is where you can play, I have already told You are.

If you think we have been here before, you will be forgiven. On June 13, 2003, I watched the Hampshire game against Sussex in the Rose Bowl as the leg girl of Mike Selway. This is the first T20 game broadcast on TV. I remember the sunshine, the chaos in the press booth, and the good atmosphere off the court. In addition, Wasim Akram also starred-and your box office revenue won’t be much more than this.

T20 first game: up and down.

By late that summer, T20 was considered a huge success. The European Central Bank, clubs, players and bettors are all happy. The counties shared a publicity budget of £250,000. Nottinghamshire chose to have four of their players topless on billboards at the bus stop-Chris Keynes, Kevin Peterson, Paul Franks and Gareth Clough, for reference only. There is a bouncy castle and face painting: this is a cricket ball with school ticket elements.

To make a long story short (see Here For Ali’s broader version) other countries continue to do bigger and better. Many T20 nights have become All-Bar-One-in-the-stand in the stands. The carnival on Friday night did not attract families or people from the South Asian community—excessive performance in gaming, but Much less than-in the form of ticket sales. So, hundred.

disgust? Innovation? Bold, of course, especially when it comes to women’s games. The first game was played between the two women’s teams, which of course made me full of praise. I would like to know whether the crowd agrees.

Take your thoughts, thorny or gushing, “challenge fearlessly” here in the Guardian, and I will carp/faint with you. The first ball will be pitched at 6.30 pm British Summer Time.

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