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Asda failed to provide online food orders. Three weeks later, I still paid 111.87 pounds out of my pocket.I pay to use Asda Christmas savings cards are marketed as a way to “relieve financial stress.” If I use a credit card, I will have further sources of remedy.Everyone I talked to seems to be following the same script, insisting that a refund has been issued to my “credit card”When I pointed out that credit cards were not involved, they were just vague.
JW, Bangor, Gwynedd

Asda’s plan can be used throughout the year, allowing customers to recharge their cards every month and receive an annual cash reward of 1 to 15 pounds. The idea is to help spread the financial burden. In practice, this means that your money is trapped in a card that can only be spent on Asda, and if a dispute arises, legal protection will be reduced.

Only when I stepped in did Asda decide that the problem was with your card, not the abilities of its employees. Why the customer service agent did not mention this is a mystery. “Due to technical issues related to the card, we cannot refund immediately,” it said. “Since then, we have sent a new card that is fully owed.” It also added a goodwill of £20.

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