“When the public broadcaster is ready to act this way, we are all losers”

Sky News host Chris Kenny said that the American Broadcasting Corporation accused Christian Porter of “character assassination.” “The National Broadcasting Corporation conducted a shameful and historic rape campaign against former Attorney General Christian Porter,” Mr. Kenny said. After former Attorney General Christian Porter stopped the defamation lawsuit against ABC and its reporter Louise Milligan, Mr. Kenny assessed the consequences. Mr. Porter has stated that the ABC decided not to defend the matter and was forced to state clearly that the allegations in the article could not be proven according to civil or criminal standards. Mr. Kenny said: “The various aspects of the ABC statements are very unusual because they avoid a key question, namely why the ABC believes it is responsible for putting these statements on the public stage.” “This is a basic point. Most media Reported, but guess what was not mentioned in the ABC news report.” “If you are looking for winners and losers, be as clear as this. When the public broadcaster is ready to act this way, we are all losers.”

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