US Military Training Manual Describes Socialism as a “Terrorist Ideology”-Report | US Army

A kind American armies The training document describes the political philosophy of socialism-a relatively mainstream term in politics around the world-as a “ideology of terrorism” similar to neo-Nazism.

The file is Acquired by The Intercept news site, Was used by the U.S. Navy.Its title is: Introduction to Terrorism/Terrorism Operations, targeting some members of the Navy’s internal police, export Report.

On one page of the document, in the section entitled “Research Questions”, a question was asked: “What kind of terrorist ideology do anarchists, socialists, and neo-Nazis represent?”

This news may surprise some increasingly popular mainstream American politicians who consider themselves democratic socialists, such as the former presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the Democratic left-wing star, and the New York congresswoman. Congressman Alexandra Ocasio. Cortez.

Although socialism has long been demonized in the United States, especially during the 1930s and the Cold War, it has become more popular in recent years, especially among young people.A poll last year found Naru Compared with capitalism, more Democrats are more optimistic about socialism.

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