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That’s it! Football is the second Olympic event to start. This is the first game of the football championship (but this is the fourth game of the Olympic Games, and we played three softball games before), so we are the early climbers in Tokyo 2020/21 Follow suit. This is, I think we all agree, it’s all exciting.

Let’s deal with the format problem first. There are 12 teams in the women’s competition, divided into three groups, with four teams in each group. From these groups, the top two automatically enter the quarter-finals with the two best third-placed teams. These groups are counter-intuitively called groups E, F, and G (groups A, B, C, and D are all men’s teams, participating in different competitions). The British group is the first of them, with Chilean as well as Japanese and Canadian characteristics. British team Only held every four years, so there is no world ranking, but England’s ranking is six. In theory, they have been strengthened by a small amount of extra talent blood transfusions. 37 points for Chile, 10 points for Japan, and 8 points for Canada. In other words, if they want to advance, this is a game that Britain wants to win.

Like Chile, they must also fight high temperatures (according to forecasts of about 30 degrees Celsius) and strong humidity. But they seem to be very confident. “I think we have to fight for the gold medal,” said Caroline Weir, one of the two Scots in the 22-man lineup and only three non-English players. “Of course, we know that what lies ahead of us is the challenge. It will be a tough game. And everything we will have to deal with. But this team is very talented. We have to look for gold and see if it will what happened.”

The other groups in the brackets for the FIFA ranking are as follows:

Group F: China (15), Brazil (7), Zambia (104), Netherlands (4)

Group G: Sweden (5), United States (1), Australia (9), New Zealand (22)

Within an hour after the start of this game, China vs. Brazil and Sweden vs. the United States will also begin, and then everything will be over. Well, after the opening ceremony on Friday, everything is over. This is just a small preparation, really. In any case, the most important thing is, welcome! Let us do this Olympic thing!

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