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Headline news: Experts urge to speed up the second vaccination

good morning everyone. I’m Martin Farrer and these are today’s headlines.

England faces increasing prospects of blockade restrictions Exceeded the promised June 21 easing deadline With the first discovery of the coronavirus variants in India, the spread continues.Scientists and doctors are urging the government to solve this problem by speeding up the second dose of Covid vaccine and delaying the decision. Regarding relaxing the rules in three weeksSome experts believe that due to this variant, the country may be in the early stages of the third wave of viruses. Will now be called Delta The World Health Organization decided to name the different strains with Greek letters. The British Medical Association said the country faces a “critical moment” and urged Boris Johnson to honor his promise to respect “data, not date” when deciding whether to lift restrictions.The rising situation is It’s also a problem in Scotland. According to reports, the government is considering Extend the school day by 30 minutes To help children make up for lessons lost during the pandemic suspension.

A cross-party congressman also told the prime minister that he had a “Moral Obligation” Match the dose of each vaccine vaccinated in the UK with the dose of vaccine vaccinated in developed countries.A federal court in Australia dismissed the right-wing think tank against The government bans travel abroad.

Military extremism- At least 16 members of the armed forces were referred to the British terrorism prevention program, including soldiers, air force and navy personnel. Mainly because of concerns about extreme right-wing activitiesAccording to the Guardian, they were being investigated under a government plan to prevent people from becoming radicalized.From Oswald Mosley to Tommy Robinson, the armed forces have Often proven to be a fertile recruitment venue For right-wing groups.

“No choice”—— Myanmar is On the brink of civil war, According to the country’s parallel government, because people took up arms to protect themselves from military violence. The country’s border areas have been conflicting for decades, but the suppression following the coup in February prompted the formation of at least 58 armed groups to resist the military government. “The Burmese people have no choice,” said a spokesperson for the Myanmar National Unity Government. “They just have no choice.”

The squeeze after Brexit—— Tens of thousands of British citizens living in France, Malta, Luxembourg and Latvia Have not yet applied to secure their rights after BrexitIf they do not take action before the deadline at the end of this month, they will face forced resignation. An expert said that unless there is better communication with the government, vulnerable groups or people living in remote areas may “get in trouble” and lose their rights.

Back to nature- Actor Mark Rylance issued a call for art to persuade people “Fall in love with nature again” And urge the government to support green policies. With the launch of his new BBC Radio 4 TV series “Song of the Reeds” this month, the star said that art is needed to show people that “we and the surrounding nature are part of the same family.” This drama co-starred by Sophie Okonedo is set in a nature reserve and explores the challenges environmentalists face in climate change.

Marc Lillance: “Fall in love with nature again.” Photo: Loïc Venance/AFP/Getty Images

Green Glasgow—— Council has agreed Plant 18m trees The City of Glasgow is preparing to host the COP26 climate summit later this year. Leaders said that the Clyde Climate Forest Program will plant 10 trees for everyone in the area, which will help cope with climate change and the lack of biodiversity.

Today’s Focus Podcast: Will the Olympics really be held?

The Olympics were originally a time for national celebrations, but with the increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Japan, the postponed Olympics this summer has become the object of mutual criticism and protest.Can widespread public opposition overcome huge commercial pressures? Keep going?

Today’s focus

Will the Olympics continue?

Lunch time reading: V on “disaster patriarchy”

Playwright V said that the coronavirus pandemic has stimulated attacks on women’s rights. Illustration: Hanna Barczyk/Ziyu/Guardian

V, a playwright formerly known as Eve Ensler, Explore how the pandemic triggered a wave of violence against womenShe believes that this “disaster patriarchy” is a total violation of their rights, and it is time for women to resist a system that allows them to be sacrificed, obliterated, and violated.


Naomi Osaka Withdraw from the French Open After she decided not to talk to the media during the game, she was fined $15,000 by the French Open. Events in Paris, Jonathan Liu wrote, There is a problem with the press conference.Britain will be No female players in the second round This year, the 19th seed Johanna Konta was defeated by the world ranked 54th Solana Silstia in the first round. Simultaneously, Roger Federer won This is his first Grand Slam match since January 2020, beating Dennis Istomin in straight sets.

Gareth Southgate Tell seven players today After deciding to wait until the last possible training session to finalize his 26-man lineup, their hopes of representing England in the 2020 European Cup have been dashed.Gareth Bale Have doubts about his future After refusing to deny the report twice, he can European Championship The finals this summer.Scottish Football Association Will provide Steve Clark with a new contract As bringing the country to one The first major event since 1998. Kyrie Irving said that fans who abuse NBA players are prohibited Won’t solve the problemAfter Brooklyn defeated the Celtics 141-126, someone threw a water bottle at him.


As it continues to benefit from the economic recovery and the weak US dollar, the pound hit a three-year high of $1.425 in Asian trading overnight. It also rose to 1.164 euros against the euro.The Bank of England is Pay close attention to the booming real estate market in the UK Fearing that the recovery from Covid-19 will lead to a sustained period of inflation. Lieutenant Governor Sir Dave Ramsden expects price pressure to be temporary, but will “prevent” out-of-control inflation. After the bank holiday break, the FTSE 100 index looks flat this morning.


Guardian front page, Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Although most newspapers agree that the photos of the day are for people to enjoy Bank Holiday Sunshine, They are divided on the best stories.This guardian versus “Scientists ask for reconsideration before the lockdown ends on June 21”,and era There is “Extend class time to help children catch up.”This Yorkshire Post Used for “the fear of unlocking as the variant cases rise” and telegraph The lead is “‘Give the third world an extra jab to prevent variants'”.This Means Combining the weather with Covid-related routes-“Sunny! The jab boosts the economy”-and sun Call on readers to vaccinate themselves: “The Jabs Army needs you”.This mail Hope to take action on the so-called high cost of vacationer testing: “Now end holiday Covid test plagiarism”. In Scotland, Herald Said that “Scotland’s warning part faces a delay in mitigation of blockade.This mirror With the “face of hope” as the head, it talks about the fight against genetic diseases.This I There are “the police failed to resolve the racism of the police officers” and Financial Times The splash is that “the renovation of Ernst & Young Europe has raised concerns about damage to the shared Wirecard”.


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