Travel experts reveal who has the right to use airplane handrails

With the size of seats and legroom on airplanes shrinking every year, it’s no surprise to explode in a few inches of extra space in the air.

However, the long-standing debate about who gets the middle armrest in flight seems to have finally been resolved.

According to travel expert Rosie Panter, people in the middle seat should get two middle armrests.

This means that people by the window can lean against the wall, and passengers in the aisle can lean against the outer handrail.

Ms. Panter said: “It is generally believed that passengers in the middle seat draw short straws, so they should enjoy the luxury of two armrests.”

The debate over who should get a handrail on an airplane has caused disagreements on the Internet.

“Why do you ask? Passengers in aisle seats can stretch their legs freely, up and down at will, while passengers in window seats can luxuriately look out of the window, dream of a resort or curl up to rest on the side of the plane and enjoy closing their eyes. Time without the risk of passengers having to climb over them while sleeping.”

Behavior expert Judy James previously told Sun Online Travel that the no-man’s land on the handrail is a never-ending battle because the battle in space is within us as human beings.

She said: “Space is what humans and animals fight for-it is the most provocative thing.

“This is why people with a garden wall half a centimeter to the right can quarrel with their neighbors for many years. We cannot avoid territorial issues.

“We even exercise personal ownership of things that don’t belong to us, such as our chairs in the office, or our seats on the plane. It brings out our inner warriors.”

According to Judy, the reason why we are particularly concerned about this part is because it directly affects our confidence in the body.

She said: “Confidence is directly related to the space under the armpits.

“When our elbows are away from the body, the upward V-shaped gap under our armpits gives us body confidence.

This is the person who gets the middle aisle handrail on the plane.

Space warfare-including aircraft handrails-is part of human existence.

“If you are forced to not use your arms and have to bring your elbows close to your body, you will feel your body becomes smaller.

“This in turn makes you feel degraded and submissive. No one likes to be locked in a submissive place by strangers.

“But if your elbows are placed on the arms of the chair, away from your body, you will feel in control.”

Never do these things on the plane

Handrails are not the only airplane etiquette that passengers violate — a flight attendant recently shared a list of everything passengers should never do on an airplane — including footwear rules and seat etiquette.

Dani, a flight attendant at Emirates, said that the “first rule” is never to “go to the bathroom without shoes”-because they are rarely cleaned during flight turnarounds.

It is also not safe to take off your shoes during the flight-in an emergency, passengers may be forced to walk in aisles with broken glass and debris, and the situation will become more difficult if they do not wear shoes.

Dani also warned passengers not to “use tray tables and TVs without first disinfecting them for similar hygiene reasons.”

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