Tom and Emma Lane sell their Ballina Eco Resort

The East Ballina beach house owned by Tom and Emma Lane, the founders of Byron Bay Farms, has been sold.

Tom and Emma Lane, the founders of Byron Bay Farms, have sold their eco-resort nestled in the sand dunes of Ballina Angel Beach.

Tom and Emma Ryan are at the beach house.

The beach house at 70 Shelly Beach Road, East Ballina, was launched in May and is open to expressions of interest.

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Adam Grbcic of Kollosche Commercial, which sold the property, has confirmed the sale to a buyer from New South Wales, whose plans for the site have not yet been made public.

A confidentiality agreement means that the identity of the buyer and the sale price cannot be disclosed until the contract is confirmed, which may take up to three months.

Encourage the main house of public life.

Mr. Grbcic did say that during the five-week event on the property, he received 189 inquiries from locals and buyers in Melbourne and Sydney, and finally received 5 confirmed quotations.

“The end use of the property ranges from health nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics to community life or as a functional center,” he said.

“There is a huge demand for assets that allow events in the region.

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It can manage events for up to 250 people.

“The trend in the market is very inclined to provide boutique accommodations that go beyond the general experience.”

The Lanes purchased the property for US$3 million in 2017, transforming a former Christian retreat into an ecologically conscious activity space aimed at raising coastal awareness.

Public baths, based on existing Christian retreat toilets.

Using existing structures, including a main residence, school double-storey rooms, shower areas, and a large public meeting room, the driveway transforms existing buildings, giving them an Australian-European coastal appearance, creating a venue that can accommodate up to 250 people People attending conferences, retreats, and special events.

Before the contract is concluded, the sales price and buyer details cannot be disclosed.

The two-acre bespoke accommodation has 12 chic rooms equipped with five-star beds and can accommodate a total of 24 guests. There is also a designer bathroom next to it. The original sink has been repainted to exude nostalgia.

There is also a three-bedroom main house with front desk, office, kitchen, bathroom, private courtyard and carport.

The beach house is backed by Angel Beach.

The central barn has a fully equipped kitchen and a bar. It is large in scale and can provide living, dining and entertainment.

The letter of intent is due at 4 pm on June 10th.

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