Tokyo Olympics live update: American women’s football is 3-0 victory by Sweden

The American women’s football has conquered almost everything, but the start of the Tokyo Olympics couldn’t be worse.

Over the years, the American women’s football has conquered everything in the football world, but was shocked at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

In the 1996, 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics, the world’s number one team and the four-time Olympic gold medalist — women’s football has only participated in the Olympics since 1996 — was defeated by the Swedish team 3-0 shocked. Group G.

Sweden does not slack in this sport, ranking fifth in the world.

They also eliminated the United States in the quarter-finals of the Rio Olympics before winning the silver medal.

Although it is not unfathomable that Sweden should become the American team, they should beat the American team so easily, and social media broke out due to the beating.

In the end, it was not that the United States lost, but that it lost more to disappoint the fans.

Stina Blackstenius scored twice and Lina Hurtig scored the third goal

This is unbelievable because it is the first time in 44 games that an American lost 3-1 in a friendly against France in January 2019.

“USA Today” report begins by saying: “American women not only did not avenge their dismissal at the Rio Olympics, but felt embarrassed.”

The captain of the US team Megan Rapinoe was outspoken in his post-match evaluation.

“That’s it. We were knocked down,” Rapinoe said. “I thought we were a little nervous, a little nervous, doing stupid things.”

American coach Vlatko Andonovski said that it will depend on their performance to see if they can drag out the hole and win five gold medals in the seven Olympics.

“Obviously, we have let ourselves fall into a big pit, but we are the only ones who can get ourselves out of trouble,” Andonovsky said.

“It’s not easy. We have to achieve positive results in the next two games, but in fact I know there are still opportunities that this team will not give up.”

Swedish coach Peter Hudson warned his players not to become overconfident after performing well.

“Yes, naturally (this may happen), but we also only know that we can be happy for the three points,” he said.

“But it’s a long game. If you go all the way, there will be 6 games in 17 days. We haven’t reached the quarter-finals yet, so we have to get better in every game.”

Although the United States recovered from its first defeat at the 2008 Olympics, Australia and New Zealand have a chance to drive the United States out of the Olympics with victory.

The top two of each group advance to the final, and the top two ranked third in Group E, Group F, and Group G enter the knockout stage

New Zealand will face the United States on Saturday, and Australia will face the next Tuesday.

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