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Matildas are considered to be the “death group” in Tokyo and face the arduous task of obtaining medals-not because the arduousness of the task makes them feel uneasy.

Under great pressure, Matildas thinks their death group is a great opportunity to open their eyes.

Australia will start the game against New Zealand at the Tokyo Stadium on Wednesday night, two days before the official opening of the Olympic Games. They arrived in Japan with question marks on their heads.

The indifference of the new coach Tony Gustafson, including the disastrous defeats to Germany and the Netherlands, and only a tie in five games, put a certain amount of pressure on this golden generation star.

You will forgive the team’s lack of optimism in the team’s Tokyo base in the nightmare group match between the world’s number one US, world number five Sweden, and trans-Tasman rival New Zealand.

But this is music for the 21-year-old star Ellie Carpenter, who believes that Matildas is intoxicated by the label of a loser-and believes that these cards have “perfectly” fallen into the medal battle.

“You have to beat the best team to win it, so why not beat them in the group stage?” Carpenter told News Corp.

“If we play against them in the group stage, we won’t be able to meet them outside (until later) in the knockout stage.

“I think this is a perfect draw and a perfect layout for us, first New Zealand, then Sweden, and then the United States. For us, there is nothing more perfect than this.”

With a team with global talent headed by scoring superstar Sam Cole, the Matildas are accustomed to participating in major events with the burden of anticipation.

Finals, medals and trophies are needed. Tokyo is no exception.

“We know we have the ability to do this. We have some of the best players in the world in this team, and I think people in previous games have hyped us to win the gold medal or win the World Cup,” Carpenter said.

“But we like the mentality of being at a disadvantage, I think it’s the best for us to participate in big games. We absolutely know our abilities, and I think if we stay together and we are on the same page and stay in shape, this team Would be dangerous.

“Coming to our first game and group stage, we will prepare for this and meet the challenge.

“We are definitely building something. We have come a long way and we are getting better and making such great progress every day. We are really confident.”

Despite being one of the young members of the team, Carpenter was one of the survivors of the Rio de Janeiro battle, which ended in a heartbreaking penalty shootout.

“It’s a wonderful feeling, and I am honored to be able to participate in another Olympics. Going to one is surreal, and two…this is a dream come true,” she said.

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