Tokyo 2020 Olympics: live coverage, schedule, cancellation of the Olympics?

In the proposal of a top boss to cancel the Olympics, our Australian athletes are busy debunking the myth about the “sex bed”.Real-time news

Olympians from all over the world continue to debunk the “anti-sexual” bed theory in the Tokyo Olympic Village.

after that 100% recyclable cardboard bed The news for athletes participating in the summer games spread quickly this week, and some members of the Australian hockey team decided to conduct their own experiments.

This strange theory-originally proposed by American long-distance runner Paul Cellimo-suggests that cardboard beds were selected for the Summer Olympics because they cannot withstand sexual activity between athletes, thus minimizing the spread of COVID-19 .

On Tuesday, the hockey team goalkeeper Rachel Lynch, who is also a registered nurse, posted two photos on Twitter showing team members jumping and sitting on makeshift beds.

“After asking many questions about our cardboard beds, we thought we should test them,” Lynch wrote on Twitter. “It can be confirmed that their strength is sufficient for activities!”

A Twitter user replied: “Have to break it for you. But this is not the way you have sex,” Lynch replied on Twitter, “Oh, awful.”

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