TikTok video shows woman pushing bear off garden wall to stop it from harming her dog


After a bear jumped off her balcony and slammed her dog, a woman’s incredible bravery spread across the globe.

A woman was photographed pushing a bear away from the wall of her garden to prevent it from harming her dog.

This incredible footage was posted on TikTok and went viral on the Internet, and people shared their reactions and concerns.

In the clip, a bear can be seen moving along the wall while the woman’s dog is running in the garden.

A little bear cub was also on the wall, but it ran away when the dog started barking.

Once, the adult bear seemed to try to catch one of the dogs, and then the lady rushed out of the house to rescue her dog.

The Utah woman, only identified as Hayley, ran to the bear bravely, pushing it off the wall without hesitation.

Then she looked around the garden to make sure all her dogs were all right, then grabbed the smallest dog and rushed back indoors.

“True Hero”

When the lady and her pet entered the house, the brown bear could be seen trying to climb the wall again, next to a tree at the back of the garden.

On Douyin, it was confirmed that all the dogs and bears and their cubs were doing well after the incident.

The video attracted thousands of comments, some praised the lady, and others pointed out that the bear was probably protecting its cub.

One person commented: “She didn’t just fight with the entire bear brother.”

Another said: “She is a true hero. She naturally loves her bravery. She saw her child in danger and ran away without hesitation.”

Some people also expressed concern about Hailey, one of them said: “This may end in a terrible way, and I’m glad it doesn’t.”

American black bears are native to Utah and usually live in forested areas throughout the state.

According to Zion National Park, biologists estimate that there are approximately 4,000 black bears in the state.

Despite their name, they can be black, brown or beige.

Under normal circumstances, black bears are not aggressive, but when an animal forages, a rare attack on humans may occur.

In 2007, an 11-year-old boy was snatched from his tent and killed in a rare bear attack in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

According to NBC News, the bear was subsequently killed near the scene of the accident.

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