“There is no evidence” to support the COVID “intimidation” of the Victorian health bureaucracy: Panahi


Sky News host Rita Panahi said that leading infectious disease experts said that the Victorian health bureaucracy claimed that the latest COVID-19 variant was “moving faster” than other variants. Inaccurate intimidation”. “Melbourne University professor James McCaw is an infectious disease expert. He is one of the team that advises the National Cabinet. He said these claims are not supported by data,” Ms. Panasi said. “Not only did he say there was no evidence, but he also warned against inaccurate intimidation.” He is not alone, including other major infectious diseases including Professor Greg Dole, Peter Colignon and Professor Catherine Bennett. Experts also refuted or refuted the claims of the Victorian health bureaucracy. Regarding the recent outbreak. “However, Ms. Panasi said that the rhetoric of the health bureaucracy has not “changed.”


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