The White House says China and Russia spread misinformation about anti-U.S. vaccines

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A new report by Senate investigators found that a humble security agency operating in the U.S. Department of Commerce Spent ten years as a “rogue, irresponsible policeman” Unauthorized surveillance of employees of the agency with Chinese and Middle Eastern descent.

The report is made by Senator Roger Wick, Republican of Mississippi, Is based on the narratives of two or more informers, according to To the New York Times.

Senate investigators portrayed a unit that often engages in unethical or unsafe activities that are beyond the scope of its duties, and its employees have not received training. The report states that most of these efforts were promoted by an official during multiple administrations: George Lee, the long-term head of the department, was taken on leave afterwards. Mr. Li could not be reached for comment on Friday. “

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Arizona is less than 200 possible voter fraud cases Determined by election officials Out of more than 3 million votes In last year’s presidential election, “Weaken the claims of former President Donald Trump As his allies continued to conduct controversial ballot reviews in the state’s most populous county, the election was stolen,” The Associated Press reported:

An Associated Press investigation found that there were 182 cases where the problem was obvious, and officials referred them to investigators for further review. So far, only four cases have led to allegations, including those identified in a separate state investigation. No one has been convicted. No one’s votes are counted twice.

Although there may be more cases, these figures show that Trump’s claim that Arizona’s fraud and irregularities caused him to lose votes from voters in that state is untrustworthy. In the final result of the certification and audit, Biden won 10,400 more votes than Trump out of 3.4 million votes. ”

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