The situation in Victoria “may get worse before it gets better”: James Melino


The Acting Governor of Victoria, James Merlino (James Merlino) warned that the state’s COVID-19 outbreak may get worse before it improves, and the next few days will be “critical.” In addition to the five exceptions reported in the morning, the state also announced six new cases on Monday afternoon. Mr. Melino said: “I want to make it clear to people that the next few days will be very important, and this includes the situation that this epidemic may get worse before it gets better.” “This is where we are now, I I want to keep in touch with people and let them know that this is the case.” Mr Merlino said that Victoria has a public health team of 2,400 people and the work of contact tracing personnel is “faster than ever”. “They did an excellent job in a short period of time, identifying and locking down several generations,” he said. “But we see today that through the number of cases and the number of exposure points, we are now keeping pace with this incident. “Now it goes hand in hand, and it is likely to get worse before it improves. “


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