The Rosehill game: Brad Davidson’s tips, best bets and expanded preview


Analyst Brad Davidson said that Chris Waller will dominate the Rose Hill home game on Saturday and has several good opportunities.

Sky Racing analyst Brad Davidson set the rules for each game at the Rosehill meeting on Saturday, including recommended bets and TAB market movers.

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Rose mountain

track: Good 4. rail: +6m 1350m-W/column, +4m remaining

Game 1 2-year-old handicap (1400M)

Overview: The volcanic rocks are likely to travel to Queensland, so Cape Breton will become a popular attraction here. He performed well in his debut, which seemed natural. Royalzel is the strong winner of the Kembla Grange runner-up, and his late performance is impressive. Here he turned on the flash for the first time. Qian Xing won two consecutive victories to start his career, although this is naturally much stronger.

Betting advice: Royzel is at the odds.

Label market trends: No bets or notes

RACE 2 TAB Freeway Level 3 Handicap (1100M)

Overview: Great TAB highway version, this looks like a huge conflict between Vancouver Snow and Nicci Trix. Both horses have achieved good victories and have great advantages. Ice In Vancouver is a well-deserved favorite, but he does have a wide appeal to overcome his inherent speed. Since winning last time, Nicci Trix has tried the house. Anethole seems to be a great improver. He played first, but performed well in the final preparations and has been working hard since. He will appreciate the strong rhythm possible here.

Betting advice: Nicci Trix topped the list with higher odds.

Label market trends:Vancouver’s ice $2-$1.80 ($1,000 @ $2.10)

Field 3 Base 72 (1800M)

Overview:Open. I think Always On Show would appreciate this extra trip, and she was not far from Too Much Caviar when she started last time. Too Much Caviar had a good speed at the start last time and should find the front again and it is difficult to surpass. Import Wicklow (Import Wicklow) is the first place in the virgin performance, he has the advantage here, should like to play on his new home circuit.

Betting advice: Always win in the show.

Label market trends:Wicklow $8-$3.60 ($8@$300, $308@$7.50, $400@$6, $445@$5.50, $500@$5

Field 4 Benchmark 72 (1400M)

Overview: Mensa Missile’s speed at the last start on this track was excellent, and he should have gotten easier time here. Scream And Shout has performed very well in the two preliminaries wins, and his recent game performance has been very good. This is a stronger game, but he is in the lead and only needs to run because he is currently in an emergency situation for the game. Adelaide’s Light’s one-way opportunities are great, and Resilient Star and Key also have claims.

Betting advice: The Mensa missile won.

Label market trends:Oscar Zulu $8.50-$6.50 ($250@$8.50), keys $51-$26

Field 5 Benchmark 78 (1200M)

Overview:Ramstein was perfectly ridden and had a chance when he started last time, but it seemed easier and he should find the front line again. He just doesn’t want a slippery track. He is a popular figure who has performed well in the lead, and he is another person who doesn’t want a wet track. Charretera’s performance is better than it seems at first, he can continue the game again, and the royal banquet will give admirers a whole new look.

Betting advice:Ramstein won.

Label market trends:Bold And Wild USD 51-31, Rammstein USD 3.50-3.10 (USD 700 @ USD 3.50)

Field 6 Benchmark 78 (1500M)

Overview: Zing hit this line very freshly, and a low draw means she can stop here even closer. Love Tap has always been a person who has been locked in the market very early. His first performance in Brisbane was not bad, but he should be grateful for the extra travel. Both Steely and Saigon are improvers returning to 1500m, but the latter needs to be dry, and Great House has been a great help to him, and may be able to achieve this goal in this preparation. Air To Air is keen on skipping classes and seems to be a good place to go back to grade.

Betting advice: The key to the weather is hopeful here. Saigon is not hopeless.

Label market trends:Love Tap $7-$3.60 ($350 @ $6.50, $400 @ $6, $450 @ $5.50, $500 @ $4.80, $1,500 @ $4), Zing $6.50-$5.50 ($300 @ $6.50, $1,300 @ $6)

The 7th Winter Cup (2400M)

Overview: Parry Sander is trying hard to win the victory recently, but he has been shouting for the 2400m, and it maps well here. Stockman has lost a lot of weight, but he has attracted the parking lot and is likely to give them a big start. The Cavaliers started too early last time, and after being spotted in both games of this preparatory match, they can improve to third place. The Good Fight and Inverloch also have claims.

Betting advice: Parry Sound won.

Label market trends: Stockman $8-$5.50

Field 8 benchmark 94 (1800M)

Overview: Mubariz was a good winner on this track and distance last time, he is a horse headed in the right direction. La Grisa brings a truly eye-catching fresh run and additional travel packages. The problem is the huge obstacles, and how big a start she must give some of them. Welsh Legends, Spencer, Pandano, Costello and Mr. Sisu will all have admirers.

Betting advice:I have more work to do in this game, but Mubariz is doing his best.

Label market trends:No bets or notes

Field 9 Benchmark 78 (1200M)

Overview: Starla is a low percentage horse because of her return mode, but she is flying and should be strong again. The foreigners should behave well and aggressively from the low position. There will be no problems with the 1200-meter trip. Sahra was caught on the wing without cover the last time he started, and this can be improved.

Betting advice: Both Starla and Sahra ran very well.

Label market trends: Majestic Shot USD 8-6.50 (USD 300 @ USD 8), Hellenized USD 15-16-15 (USD 200/pack @ USD 16/4.40)


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