The return of Green Party MP Anab Mohamud to work is incredible

A lawmaker accused of assaulting a woman in a brutal nightclub attack made a major appeal for her future-which should raise serious questions to the Green Party and Yarra City Council.

The Yarra City Council, led by the Green Party, is no stranger to controversy.

Since becoming Australia’s first parliament dominated by the Green Party in the October parliamentary elections, it has been receiving attention.

The things it does range from annoying to truly ridiculous.

The decision to hoist a flag to commemorate Aromantics, a niche minority group, even confused some lawmakers. Flags with green, white, gray, and black stripes were erected above the city hall to show respect to those who have no romantic appeal to others.

Then came the proposal to increase the fees for local clubs to use their sports grounds, which sparked strong opposition from the community.

It also hopes to pay more than $70,000 for six months of work to an artist to develop creativity in a “climate emergency”. Whatever it means.

Not to mention stopping taxpayers from collecting garbage every week-the move was interpreted as reducing landfills, but it is suspected that it is actually to solve the fact that the city council is slowly running out of funds.

But the return to work of a congressman accused of a brutal nightclub attack this week is unbelievable.

Anab MohamedIn April, the 35-year-old faced allegations of assault, offensive behavior and public drunkenness after a clash with another woman near the Chasers nightclub.

She is scheduled to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court in November and is accused of assaulting a transgender woman while drunk.

The details of the incident are hardly suitable for publication in family newspapers-and will be heatedly debated in court.

Ms. Mohamud herself was seriously injured in the incident.

But her return to the city council on Tuesday — confirmed in the meeting agenda announced over the weekend — caused serious problems.

One of her first responsibilities in returning to work is to vote on whether the city council should allow the public to drink alcohol.

Her return to work split the committee and triggered a motion of no confidence that would target Ms. Mohamud.

It also split the Green Party.

But worrying that her removal from the parliament may cause the party to lose a majority of seats, which led the veteran Green Party to support her.

As part of the work of the council, Ms. Mohamud has the right to use mobile phones, computers, meals, and reimbursement of travel expenses and telephone charges when attending meetings during meal times.

Her salary is nearly $30,000. No wonder she returned to work so soon after getting her personal leave in May.

But considering that a member of Parliament can take up to four months of leave to attend meetings and deal with parliamentary affairs, she should continue to take leave until her criminal charges are dealt with.

This is not to imply any wrongdoing by Ms. Mohamud.

There is no doubt that she was innocent until proven guilty.

However, she is still accused of assaulting a trans woman in a very disturbing incident in which she allegedly shouted “f–k LG family” and “I swear to Allah, if I lose my eyes, I will make sure that all these homosexuals die”.

The matters decided by the council must be carried out with the trust of the community.

Of course, the allegations against Ms. Mohamud call this into question.

Ms. Mohamud claimed to have a close connection with the values ​​of the Green Party and talked about “respecting each other’s choices and beliefs, without feeling that we must change who we will be accepted.” Quite noble, but certainly inconsistent with the accusations against her.

Ms. Mohamud is a black female Muslim. As a Somali refugee, she sent a strong message to young women from African backgrounds, telling them what they can achieve.

However, some people want to know whether she would be so easily accepted if she returned to work without her background.

There is another thing

It now appears that Victoria will not lift the blockade at 11:59 pm on Tuesday night.

With dozens of new cases appearing over the weekend, the state government will need a miracle if it wants to get rid of its aggressive virus suppression model and release its shackles.

As early as Friday, some cabinet ministers were already speculating that the blockade would be extended.

By Saturday, a senior government source said: “It will not end on Tuesday as planned.”

Of course, this depends on the usual warning that there is no final decision before it is actually made.

However, the number of infectious cases in the community is still a serious concern for the government.

After all the Victorians have gone through, the government should look at the blockade more candidly and how long it will actually last.

Victorians should also know what we will do when we try to prevent the sixth virtual house arrest on the other side.

Obviously, mass vaccination is the ultimate goal.

But it takes time, and before it happens, we need another plan.

Because we can’t go on like this forever.

Shannon Dirie was a pioneer in Sun State political editor

Shannon DillyNational Politics Editor

Shannon Deery is the state political editor of the Herald Sun. He joined the newspaper in 2007 and reported on courts and crime before joining the political team in 2020.

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