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Journalist detained Raman Platasevich Appearing on Belarusian state television on Thursday, in an interview tearfully admitted his role in anti-government protests, which the opposition said was carried out under duress.

This is the third appearance of his Ryanair plane after being forced to land Belarus On May 23, it was admitted by the authorities that Platasevich admitted planning to overthrow President Alexander Lukashenko by organizing “riots” and withdrew earlier criticisms of the senior leader.

Pratasevich sat on a dark setting and said: “I absolutely cooperate fully and openly… Live an ordinary and peaceful life, with a family and children, don’t escape anything.”

At the end of the 1.5-hour interview on the Belarusian state channel ONT on Thursday night, Platasevich began to cry and covered his face with his hands.

The 26-year-old father, Dmitry Pratasevich (Dmitry Pratasevich) said the video was the result of “abuse, torture and threats.”

“I know my son very well and I believe he will never say such things,” he told AFP. “They interrupted him and forced him to say what he needed,” he said, adding that it was painful for him to watch the interview.

Flanak Vyakorka, an adviser to Belarus’ opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, said it was painful to see the “confession” and called Platasevich “of the regime”. hostage”.

“We must do everything possible to release him and the other 460 political prisoners,” he wrote on Twitter.

Before the broadcast, the independent rights organization Viasna stated that Protasevich must have been coerced by the Belarusian security service to speak because he faced “unfair but very serious accusations.”

Viasna head Ales Bialiatski told AFP on Thursday: “Everything Pratasevich said was under duress-at least psychological coercion.” “What he says now is pure propaganda and has no real basis.”

Pratasevich and his 23-year-old Russian girlfriend Sofia Sapega Arrested in Minsk on May 23 After Belarus urgently used a military jet to transfer their Athens-Vilnius Ryanair plane.

The opposition said Video confession The work made by the Russian citizen Sapega last month appears to be coerced. Lukashenko’s office did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment on the allegations.

Previously, the authorities had stated that Platasevich was an extremist who contributed to violence. They insisted on broadcasting voluntary confessions made by opposition members on television.

Pratasevich said he was interviewed voluntarily.

Western countries and international human rights organizations condemned the forced landing of Lukashenko’s plane and imposed sanctions on Belarusian officials for suppressing protests after the controversial election last year.

Qihanusskaya said on Monday that she believes Platasevich was beaten and tortured in prison. A lawyer who had visited Platasevic said he was fine.

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