The nightmare of being an unvaccinated doctor accused of infecting the team

The Czech Olympic team received sharp criticism from their prime minister because six athletes and officials who flew to Tokyo on the same plane tested positive for the new crown virus.

Prime Minister Andre Barbis called this situation a “scandal” because beach volleyball player Marketa Slukova and road biker Michal Schlegel tested positive in the Olympic Village.

They increased the total number of athletes infected with the new crown virus in the Czech team to four, and the other two staff also tested positive.

“I don’t like this a bit. I don’t understand how this happened,” Babis told reporters.

Slukova’s Austrian coach and husband Simon Nausch tested positive earlier this week along with another beach volleyball player Ondrej Perusic and Table Tennis Hope Pavel Sirucek.

The Czech Olympic team doctor Vladimir Volacek tested positive after arriving in Tokyo. The spokesperson of the Czech Olympic Committee Tibor Alferdi confirmed to AFP that the five people were on the same flight.

Schlegel’s positive test was confirmed later on Thursday. Cyclists also arrived on the same plane.

“We have been persuading people to get vaccinated, but the doctors have not vaccinated. Most importantly, it is not fair to the athletes,” Prime Minister Babis said.

“Dr. Voracek was nominated by the Tennis Association based on his professional skills,” Alfodi added. “Vaccination is not a condition for participating in the Olympics, and it cannot be enforced even under the Olympic Charter, although of course we strongly recommend it to everyone.”

Slukova’s positive test prevented her and her teammate Barbora Hermannova from qualifying for the Olympics.

“I know that many worse things are happening all over the world now, but to be honest, in our own sports microcosm, in the world we have lived in and now live in, our journey makes Balla and I feel very sad Sluková -Nausch said in a statement provided to CNN by her representative that the journey to Tokyo, which should have been the pinnacle, had to end in this way.

“We cried, and then we swear, and then we cried again. I just hope that no other athletes will follow us, because I think such a thing is a nightmare for any athlete, and for any Olympian, they Going so far, so close to the Olympics.”

David Travnicek, the head of the Sport Invest agency representing Slukova, did not stingy with him.

“In our opinion, the incredibly underrated logistics is pure amateurs,” he said. “This is the error of the person in charge of the charter flight, not the error of the personnel on board.”

Martin Doktor, the head of the Olympic team, said that the Czech Olympic Committee has launched an investigation into the new crown virus cluster.

“The situation is serious, but since the problem emerged, we have done our best to stop the spread,” Doktor said.

“Unfortunately, we cannot avoid sports tragedies. I am very sorry,” he added.
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