The intersecting “sinister” influence behind the rise of anti-Semitism

Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz stated that the intersecting “sinister” influence is fueling the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States and globally. During the 11-day conflict between Israel and Hamas, a series of high-profile attacks against Jewish Americans occurred, including a quarrel in Times Square in New York City. The Anti-Defamation League stated that reports of anti-Semitism have increased by 75% since the beginning of the conflict in the Middle East. Mr. Horowitz told Sky News that in the process of growing up, anti-Semitic sentiments were often perpetrated by the extreme right. However, he said that modern anti-Semitism is now “almost entirely from the left.” “What we are seeing is the resurgence of anti-Semitism, but it is not from the right, but from the left,” he said. “The reason you see it coming from the left is this insidious notion, this cross-cutting theory, all the victims must come together.” They looked at Israel, they looked at the Jews, and they said,’Oh, you’ succeeded. , Rich, educated, so you are the oppressor, you are the one we must eliminate”, that’s why it comes from the left. “More disturbing than this is the refusal of the mainstream media to acknowledge this.”

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