The good news is that “almost all” COVID-19 cases in Victoria are known contacts


Infectious disease expert Professor Peter Collignon said that it is gratifying that “almost all” coronavirus cases found in Melbourne are known contacts and should be quarantined without posing a real threat to others. “So far, it is actually gratifying that almost all the cases they have found are contacts of known infected persons,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny. “In other words, most or almost all people should already be in quarantine and therefore will not pose a real threat to others. Therefore, unless we find many unrelated cases in the community, these mysterious cases, otherwise they It’s really worrying, because it means they’re in the community and you don’t know how it got there. “For every case you find, there is one case you haven’t discovered yet. Professor Colignon also said that a 50-year-old female medical worker in a nursing home is the only “unrelated” coronavirus case-otherwise all other cases would be “related.”


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