The gang thinks that the Aberfeldie house where Mark Moran lives is for sale


The gangster Mark Moran was shot dead on the street outside the mansion.

The former residence of the murdered underworld figure Mark Moran is re-listed after an elegant decoration.

Moran, a member of the notorious Moran criminal family, was shot dead across from Aberfeldie’s house on June 15, 2000, allegedly by Carl Williams.

After two decades of large-scale renovations both inside and outside, the house was listed for sale again with a guide price of US$45,000 to US$4.99 million.

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High ceilings and polished floors run through.

There are more than $100,000 worth of mable in the kitchen.

Since the last sale in 2017, the property has undergone a complete renovation.

Copy the picture of the murder victim Mark Moran.Picture: Alan Smith

Mark Moran was killed during the gang war in Melbourne.

Lou Rendina, director of Rendina Real Estate Kensington, stated that he is “proud to be able to sell one of the best houses in Aberfeldie”.

He said that the property, built in the 1990s, “should not be known for its history, but for its gorgeous family-style residences”.

“The supplier has put in great effort in repairing and they are very proud. This is the home of the whole family and it meets all the conditions,” he said.

Since its last listing in 2017, this magnificent period-style property has undergone a complete renovation, including arched corridors, high ceilings, heated swimming pool and pool room, and marble worth more than $100,000 in the kitchen.

One of four spacious bedrooms.

The magnificent formal dining room can seat 18 tables.

It also has a large formal dining room that can accommodate 18 tables, pianos and a fifth room for home offices, gyms or men’s caves.

Mr. Rendina said that local families and those seeking more space after the city’s Covid-19 lockdown have taken considerable interest in the 855-square-meter house.

“There won’t be too many such houses on the market,” he said.

From 1998 to 2010, the gang war raged in Melbourne for more than a decade, involving numerous underworld groups that were mainly engaged in illegal drug transactions.

Moran’s half-brother and stepfather also died due to retribution.

The residence is advertised as “the grandeur, privacy and lofty proportions of the era”.

The expression of interest will end on June 29.

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