The blockade hopes to continue to “enter the spring” until the vaccination rate is higher

Infectious disease doctor Dr. Clay Golledge said that if we are to avoid further lockdowns, the vaccination rate must be “well above” 50%-depending on mass vaccination centers and people’s willingness to accept the “AZ vaccine.”

“I just think we have to get a higher vaccination rate. Nick Coatsworth mentioned 50%. I think unfortunately, we will have to raise it to a higher level before we say we will avoid the lockdown,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“I think we will pay attention to this issue at least in the next few months, and it may last until mid-spring, but it depends on the vaccination rate being much higher.

“The only way we can do it is if we do more management-we have to send it to the pharmacy, more general practitioners do this, we need large-scale vaccination centers, and we cannot rely on Pfizer alone To achieve this, we can not wait for Moderna or Novavax.

“So people first liked men or women… and then there was AZ.”

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