The Biloela family will be reunited in Perth

Following the announcement by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, the Tamils ​​will be released from detention on Christmas Island and will be reunited in Perth. The family has been detained since their visas expired in March 2018 and they were searched by the authorities in the Biloela home in rural central Queensland. This problem emerged after 4-year-old Thanicaa was airlifted to Perth Children’s Hospital and she received emergency treatment for pneumonia and blood infections. Mr. Hawke said in a statement, “Today’s decision saves the family from being detained…and they are proceeding with a lawsuit.” The family will be transferred to Perth and reunited in a community detention facility near the school and medical facilities. However, the Minister of Immigration made it clear that the decision “will not create a way to obtain a visa.” Mr. Hawke told Radio 2GB that the government’s border protection position “has not changed” and that those who are not protected, come by boat and can return home safely “will not be permanently settled in Australia”.

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