Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia for childcare

Among the 10 most expensive places for daycare in Australia, one city occupies 7 of them, and prices vary greatly across the country.

The grim news for parents is that Sydney is the most expensive place to send children to nurseries, and Rose Bay in the eastern suburbs ranks first in Australia with a daily cost of 168 Australian dollars.

Sydney’s seven suburbs are the ten most expensive for childcare, including Mosman, Surry Hills, Coogee, Bondi, Crows Nest, and Vaucluse. They announced data on a new app called KindiCare, which has The childcare service provider is rated.

For Melbourne, the inner-city suburbs of Armadale are the most expensive in the state, with parents spending $161 a day.

Tasmania has the lowest cost of childcare. Four suburbs in the top ten, including Perth, which is 20 kilometers from Launceston, offer the cheapest price at only $73 per day.

KindiCare aims to help parents find childcare services and uses a unique system to rate services across the country, combining multiple factors to assess the quality of care, including government audits and community feedback.

It was created by Benjamin Balk, the father of two children in Sydney, who experienced the pressure of finding quality and affordable nurseries with his wife.

He said that Sydney and Melbourne have become the most expensive places for childcare in Australia. He is not surprised because the huge cost of real estate and rentals is a contributing factor.

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The 41-year-old has two 3- and 5-year-old daughters. He pointed out that prices vary widely between the same childcare provider in different suburbs of the same city-but prices do not always reflect quality.

He told “For example, you will see that in Sydney, even for nurseries of the same brand, CBD is more expensive than Parramatta.”

“For many products, if you pay a higher price, the quality of delivery is usually better, but this is not necessarily the case in childcare. It depends on the features and content-some private operators provide all meals , Live chefs and music courses, but without these services, more basic centers can still have good educational value and results.”

Although Mr. Balk said that Australian families can receive a considerable amount of childcare subsidies, including the recent federal government injection of A$1.7 billion, there is a problem when both parents have good incomes.

He pointed out that mothers often have to make difficult choices, whether to maintain her skills and maintain her position in the labor force, spend all the money earned on childcare, or stay at home for a few years.

“I don’t think this should be the choice we let Australians make. Early education is an investment in long-term results. The earlier a child starts and participates in early formal learning, the better personal results will be,” he said. “This is an investment in the future of our country.”

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Looking for complications in the nursery

Mr. Balk said that there are complex applications for real estate, automobiles, and occupations, but there are no such applications as childcare. He created KindiCare to help parents deal with complex systems.

He said his own wife started looking for childcare services when he was three months pregnant, and they named six childcare centers in North Sydney and Castle Hill.

“We got a position, but the nursery director changed, there were children crying on the floor, people were in a mess, and the director was not from an early education background, so even if we got a position, there was nothing we planned to keep the child there. Way,” he said.

Users of the app can evaluate childcare centers by location, cost, availability, ratings, inclusions and features, and services provided, and create a shortlist of their favorites.

Through this application, parents can make inquiries, make appointments for visits or visits, and apply for nurseries.

He explained: “One of the frustrations my wife encountered was that every center she applied to had to enter information and fill out the form, and KindiCare would save the information after you did this for the first time.”

“I also found that the vacancy information on the market is also very poor, so it is not clear which centers have vacancies. You may see a center with vacancies, but it may only be next year. So we tried to make this process easier, with ​​Kindicare, it is more like an instant messaging function, so you can simply send a basic inquiry about whether there is a vacancy, the center can respond very quickly, it can eliminate a lot of paperwork if you find a place is not Vacancy.”

Kindicare was only launched two weeks ago, but it has been downloaded 2000 times.

ACT’s high price tag nationwide

Overall, KindiCare found that the average cost of long-term daycare services across the country is AUD 112.73 per day, which is much lower than the average level in many suburbs of Sydney.

KindiCare also revealed that although ACT has the highest quality childcare services in Australia, its prices are also high because parents are more than 2,000 Australian dollars higher than the national average each year.

However, according to KindiCare’s rating system, the cost of childcare in Tasmania averages US$95.50 per day, which is 15.5% lower than the national benchmark, but the state’s childcare centers are also listed as the lowest.

Australia’s most expensive suburbs for daily childcare:

1. Rose Bay, Sydney-$168

2. Sydney Mosman – $161.90

3. City of Sydney – $161.63

4. Melbourne Armadale – $161

5. Prague, Melbourne-$160.88

6. Sydney Surrey Hills – $159.63

7. Sydney Coogee-$159.36

8. Sydney Bondi – $158.78

9. Sydney Crows Nest – $158.67

10. Sydney Vaucluse-$158.18

Australia’s cheapest suburbs for daily childcare:

1. Smithton, Tasmania-$82.50

2. Bonnyrigg, New South Wales-$82.25

3. Tamur, New South Wales-$80.57

4. Woodridge, Queensland-$80.25

5. Ayr, Queensland-$80.17

6. Bowen, Queensland-$80.14

7. Yaram, Victoria-$80

8. Triabunna, Tasmania – $78.70

9. Deloraine, Tasmania-$77.50

10. Perth, Tasmania-$73

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