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What time do you get up? Like any other day, because five-year-olds have an internal clock. If he is lucky, he will sleep until seven o’clock. But we also raised a puppy in January, and at about 6:30 in the morning, she started letting everyone know that she was awake.

Sunday morning? Currently very concerned about football. This five-year-old child is training for football at 9 o’clock in the morning, which is behind our house. So I went to watch him play for an hour after breakfast. Older children don’t want to wear special clothes, but they will play football after that, so we can also visit them. It’s done in half a day.

Sunday lunch? I eat fish but no meat, so there is no big Sunday roast. Occasionally I cook salmon steak with olive oil and garlic, which is rich in flavor. Or a vegan cottage pie with vegan minced meat. Children can’t tell that it’s not meat, so they keep eating it until older people tell them it’s not, and then they say they don’t like it. It drives me crazy.

What makes sunday special to you? The whole family is together and there is nowhere to go-I don’t have to work. I’ll get the newspaper. There may be some sports programs on TV. Friends of the kid who lives next door will come; everything has been so local since the pandemic.

What is Sunday like when you grow up? We are a very sports-oriented family, so I will play football with my brother in the back garden. We often go to my Uncle Pat and Aunt Carol’s house. They treated us children very well and took us in after my six-year-old mother passed away. Uncle Pat is really funny. We will have lunch there, so there are a lot of Wishbone and Dutch apple pie with custard, and my grandfather plays the ball on TV.

What’s on TV? My wife Katie and I are like many people: we like to find a set of boxes.currently East Town Mare -We have great admiration for Kate Winslet.

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled starts on Dave on July 27th, catching up with UKTV Play

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