Stay local: large luxury homes sold to buyers on the street for $6 million

The Sovereign Islands Westminster Court No. 15 was sold to locals for $6 million.

In accordance with the long-standing tradition, the mansion in the sovereign islands changed hands between neighbors, this time for $6 million.

Insurance magnate Peter Edwards and his wife Christine sold their house at No. 15 Westminster Courthouse to the former water ski legend Glen Thurlow through a deal facilitated by Edin Cara in the Red White Sovereign Islands. His wife Lisa.

Sovereign Islands residents Peter and Christine Edwards sold their second home at 15 Westminster Courthouse.

The property is a renovation project of the Edwards, who currently live in the exclusive enclave of the Royal Albert Crescent.

The couple are continuous flippers and have bought and sold several properties in Paradise Point and Hope Island in recent years, transacting millions of dollars in the process.

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In 2017, they bought, repaired and sold 52 Royal Albert Crescent for US$3.75 million, and sold 52 Royal Albert Crescent a year later, and then in 2019 they acquired Westminster Court from Steven Probert for US$3.1 million, who was subsequently on the island Parklane Terrace purchased a house.

It was purchased by the owner of 53 The Sovereign Mile and is currently being auctioned.

At the same time, Christine sold 24 Brittani Crescent for $1.95 million.

The Edwards refurbished Westminster 15 and put it back on the market in October last year.

After being watched by the Thurro couple for a period of time, the couple finally decided to take the plunge and bought this four-story, six-bedroom Mediterranean villa-style mansion with an unconditional offer of $6 million. The mansion is equipped with a gym, wine cellar, The spacious garage and pontoon are suitable for large boats.

The mansion is owned by former water skiing legend Glenn Thurlow (Glenn Thurlow) and his wife Lisa (Lisa).

The couple are no strangers to sovereign islands. In May last year, the couple bought The Sovereign Mile 53 for $2.5 million.

They bought the property after they sold an 8-year-old house at 1-3 Knightsbridge Parade East for $5.5 million.

Before and after Mr. Thurlow’s retirement in 2013, the Thurlow family traded their farm in Albury-Wodonga for properties in the sovereign islands.

Thurlows are on sale because they just bought 15 Westminster Court.

Now that they have bought 15 Westminster units, the couple has put their home at 53 Sovereign Mile up for sale and will auction it on Tuesday, August 31st at 5pm.

The five-bedroom and six-bathroom residence occupies an area of ​​800 square meters, with a waterfront area of ​​22 meters, with multiple living areas, theater rooms, outdoor open-air and poolside recreation areas.

Modern architecture is a far cry from the villa-style property of a champion water skier. He was the first person to jump 61.57m or 202 feet on a wooden ski. He was the first person to jump more than 200 feet. He will move to here.

The property will be auctioned on August 31.

The property will be auctioned by Mr. Kara and Ray White’s colleague Ali Mian.

Mr. Kara has been a long-term agent in the area, which he said shows that residents of sovereign islands can only move within the same area.

One of the reasons for this situation may be attributed to buyers who need strong financial resources to gain a foothold in the area. Paradise Point’s median house price reached US$1.27 million, one of the highest on the Gold Coast.

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