South Australia blockade: Adelaide imposes the strictest restrictions in the country

South Australia has just introduced a new lockdown rule, which is likely to be the strictest lockdown rule in Australia so far during the pandemic.

South Australia just broke the Australian blockade record.

Its new restrictions require people to be no more than 2.5 kilometers away from their homes.

If someone runs to that limit and then comes back, it will only be a fairly average 5 kilometers.

It is not even possible to pass through North Adelaide at 2.5 kilometers from the Central Business District.

The 112-day lockdown in Melbourne last year was the longest in Australian history, allowing people to leave their homes 5 kilometers.

New South Wales allows Sydney residents to take risks 10 kilometers away from their homes. And, yes, you can easily walk from the central business district to Bondi. But not to Manly.

The lockdown stipulates that people can only leave their homes for 90 minutes at a time.

Governor Steven Marshall of South Australia said: “We don’t want to implement these restrictions, but we only have one chance to do this well one time.”

“If we don’t do it right, we may be in a state of lockdown for a long time, which we have always wanted to avoid.

Blockade of South Australia

After South Australia recorded its fifth Covid-19 case in less than two days, it was locked down for 7 days at 6 pm on Tuesday.

Governor Steven Marshall said that health authorities have confirmed that the highly contagious delta variant has infiltrated the state.

The bad news left the government with no choice but to implement a strict blockade.

Mr. Marshall said: “We have been in a situation where we are working hard and going early, which puts us in a very enviable position throughout the pandemic.”

The news came after two new cases were announced on Tuesday morning.

Five reasons to leave home

There are only five reasons to leave home. The reason is that:

-Reasons for caring and sympathy

– basic work

-Buy necessities, such as groceries

-Medical reasons, including vaccination and testing

-Exercise, but only for family groups.You must stay within 2.5 kilometers from home and stay for 90 minutes or less

Mr. Marshall said that although he understands the inconvenience caused to the people of South Australia, the entire state needs to be locked down until the authorities can clearly understand the spread of the virus.

He said that the alternative would be “disastrous” for the country.

“For example, what we are seeing in Victoria is the rapid migration of the Greater Melbourne area,” he said.

“What we are worrying about now is the Mildura case, which makes us really worried on the other side of the river border.

“This current variant is very worrying, so we must take all precautions to ensure the security of our country before we have a clearer understanding of the prevalence of this situation.”

‘Now is the time not to walk around’

On Monday, an 81-year-old man and two of his close contacts-his daughter and a man, both in their 50s-tested positive for the virus.

The fourth case is a 60-year-old man who had close contact with the 81-year-old man and was announced on Tuesday morning.

The fifth case is a man in his 60s who contracted the virus at a Greek restaurant on Halifax Street in Adelaide on Saturday. His case was announced later on Tuesday.

“The fifth case is more worrying,” Mr. Marshall said.

Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier said that the fifth case attended a birthday event in Greece when another positive case emerged.

Professor Spurrier said that anyone in the restaurant on Saturday night needs to be isolated and tested immediately.

She said that health authorities are concerned about potential spread at the location because people often speak and sing loudly at birthday parties.

“Now is the time to keep it as it is. Now is the time to stop walking around,” Professor Sprier said.

“The virus has no legs… If we persist, we will be able to defeat it.”

She said whether the Delta variant is related to the outbreak in New South Wales remains to be confirmed, but it is very likely.

After returning from Argentina, the 81-year-old man and his daughter had completed hotel isolation in Sydney and flew to Adelaide on July 8.

On Sunday, he went to Modbury Hospital for treatment, which was forced to lock down after testing positive.

Professor Spurrier said that 25 hospital staff will be quarantined in the hotel and 27 patients will be transferred to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where the infected elderly are located.

The Governor of Tasmania, Peter Gutwein, later announced that the island state would declare the entire South Australia a high-risk area from 4pm, effectively closing the border.

-With Jack Paynter and Heath Parkes-Hupton

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