Scott McLaren’s real estate

Scott McLaren watched Tayte Pears give Robert Murphy a jumper.

He fought side by side with some prominent figures in football, but the journey of former AFL referee Scott McLaren’s property started from a humble beginning.

First home

“It was in Wordsworth Street, Mooney Pond-not the rich area. It was a three-bedroom, one-bath California house. We stayed there for five years, but after we had twins (Hannah And Jack, now 20 years old) After that, we just need something bigger.”

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Scott McLaren: Former AFL Referee Lists Surrey Hills For Sale

Arbor Park, Surrey Hills condominium project “eclipses the great Australian dream”

The house at No. 1 Lambourne Street, Surrey Hills was sold in April.

Home now

“We are looking for a place close to the beach (after the sale of 1 Lambourne St, Surrey Hills, this is an 18-year-old home). We bought almost the same when (the house in Surrey Hills) was just renovated. We had a pair at the time. Three-year-old twins. This is a great location and one of Melbourne’s highest points. You can see the city from the bay…and have a cocktail and watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. (Now we want) Low maintenance Things. It would be nice to have a nice little swimming pool or spa in the back, as long as there are separate living areas-kids are now adults, but if they can have their own space for friends or girlfriends, boyfriends Use, then we won’t drive each other crazy.”

AFL referee Scott McLaren announced his retirement. His last game will be Twilight on Sunday.

Scott McLaren is one of the most watched referees in the AFL.

Dream home

“The weather will be warmer-Melbourne’s winter starts to make me tired. I will move to tropical places, any Queensland, New South Wales-that way. I don’t think I can bear the pressure of construction, I just like it. Step into what has been done. We would love to get something modern. We have lived in California bungalows all our lives (we like modern style).”

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