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Critics pointed out that Trump has established an arsenal of political committees and non-profit organizations, equipped with dozens of former government officials and supporters, which seems to be to maintain his political hopes for a comeback and criticize the Republican Congress. Retaliate. These groups have been actively raising funds through sometimes misleading appeals to the party. Opinion polls show that this is the same as Trump’s wrong view that he lost the White House due to fraud.

Just days after his defeat in November last year, Trump established a new political action committee called Save America, which, along with his campaign team and the Republican National Committee, called for the establishment of Trump through text messages and emails.” Campaign Defense Fund” quickly raised tens of millions of dollars. “On the surface, it uses baseless allegations of fraud to counter the results.

According to public records, the fledgling Pac had raised as much as 31.5 million US dollars by the end of the year, but during the same period, the rescue of the United States was not spent on legal fees. Run by Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s 2016 campaign manager, saving the United States last year only spent $340,000 on fundraising expenses.

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