Preview of NT Derby Day 2021; Tom Rush Selection; Fannie Mae Bay; Darwin

TERRITORY racing expert Tom Rush analyzed every race on the NT Derby Day held at Fannie Bay on Saturday.

With Gary Clarke’s well-trained Captain Hedwick and Count Of Essex, starting a new day is a tricky game, but it’s hard to get excited about the current offer.

The search for value led to the safe dance trained by Dick Leech. Although he was defeated when placed here when the slope exceeded 1200m from 0-76, he is expected to actively ride here and possibly find the front. A mile away, he was able to push them underground.

Hint: 2-3-1

Game 2

The auditor recently slapped them in grades 0-58, when he was always leading, but there was a chance of about $2.50 here.

However, he is certainly not the type you want to accept.

Rikibobby, who is looking for value again and providing Heather Lehman training, can use the track to tow and be fixed behind the speed, and he can make a comeback at the current double-digit odds.

Trooper is not world-class, but can participate in competitions of this nature.

Hint: 6-9-3

Match 3

The Territorial Sprint star captain is the headline news on Saturday’s Derby Day.

Although his color was lowered during the Alice Springs Carnival, we are now back to his patch under WFA conditions. This rising 9-year-old boy will find the front and gain the power to catch the ball.

Under Fannie Mae’s WFA conditions, 8 victories in 9 games and 1 game speak for themselves.

You see as much as $5 at the beginning of the bet, you have to write off him at your own risk.

All Cylinders received good support when they were honestly third behind Darwin’s Eastwood. Under the supervision of local coach Chris Nash, he supervises his progress at the top on behalf of Peter Robl, and you can expect him to be late.

Eastwood is a collective act, you know he will rush into the house in the shadows.

Hint: 5-1-2

Game 4

Phil Cole Stables certainly hopes that this race can gain a foothold, and the former South Australian jockey tied four of the five contestants together.

Mini Boom is four-quarters at Fannie Bay, and continues his unbeaten record ($1.75) at a loss.

Tactics will come into play here. Anticipating early pressure from Vunivalu and Our Luca, it might be wise to let Mini Boom sit down and let these two do the work ahead.

Vunivalu, in his best condition, can find the front line and surpass his preferred stable partner.

Tip: 2-3-1

Race 5

Giving a strong early push to Gary Lefoe’s well-trained Wild Rover, we don’t have much meat anymore and the money is almost the same.

Pakenham’s synthetic debut over the subsequent champion Distant Lover looks good, and track observers suggested that the three-year-old fell behind earlier this week.

The stables have performed well recently. There are many weapons arsenals at this carnival, and you can expect this to win.

Mont can keep the lead, so he becomes a local prospect and Must Be Moet can make the expected soft run in transit.

Hint: 3-7-8

Race 6

Not the strongest version of Buntine, the winner will be exempted from voting in the $200,000 Darwin Cup on August 2.

Lord Smedley achieved an extraordinary victory three games before, when he knocked down Mastrati one mile after 1,300 meters, followed by Faoran, and He was far from shameless in the Chief Ministers Cup last Saturday, lagging behind the highly decorated Six Horses. That seems to be the correct table line.

His Excels are a pace, but may find a leading position here, and he can provide a real vision in a game with many question marks.

Skaldak looks second best, and if some of them fail, Lotion may become a feature.

Hint: 2-1-6

Game 7

In the 2050-meter derby tour, Guinea regrouped and played again.

Fengli Teng, trained by Neil Dyer, is an eye-catching player from the Guinea team, where he was always under pressure, and sooner or later he sprouted wings and failed to catch the trident.

Betting on the steady support of Dundeer’s son early this week increased his confidence and he is the person most likely to appreciate the trip.

The Trident is the game he won in Guinea, where he hopes to win the $100,000 Ladbrokes Triple Crown.

There is no reason to imply that he will not reach the end again.

The Seventeenth Casino respected our achievements at the Adelaide Carnival, and he was right to run at an economic speed in this game.

Hint: 10-11 -1

the best choice: Race 7 No.10 Teng Hui Feng Li

Best one-way: Race 2 No.6 Rikkibobby

Best whole grains: Race 5 No. 7 The Mont

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