Police interviewed Melbourne couple

A Melbourne couple left the lockdown and crossed New South Wales and Queensland before being diagnosed with Covid-19. They may face penalties in three states and may even be sentenced to prison.

There are no new local cases of Covid-19 in Queensland Overnight, a 44-year-old woman and her husband left Victoria without knowing it and began a road trip to the Sunshine Coast.

The two left Victoria on June 1Four days after the statewide lockdown took effect, before the woman tested positive for Covid-9 in Caloundra on June 8, she traversed New South Wales and Queensland.

Queensland health authorities confirmed yesterday that her husband also tested positive for the virus. They are all isolated in Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

The news was released shortly after the Victorian authorities It was revealed that four new Covid-19 infections were recorded on Thursday.

These cases are from the same family, but the source of infection is still unclear.

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according toExpress mailThe police are waiting until they are deemed safe to interview the Melbourne couple about their whereabouts.

Yesterday, the Acting Governor of Victoria, James Merlino, said that health officials are interviewing the couple and pointed out that they may have moved, which means they will not violate the lockdown.

Although the authorities have not yet determined whether the couple violated border regulations in New South Wales or Queensland.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Jeannette Young, revealed yesterday that the couple did not have the exemption to enter the state, and some people questioned why they did not accept the two-week mandatory hotel quarantine period upon entry.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said on Thursday that people who violate travel border regulations will be subject to “a series of penalties”.

In Queensland, violations of border requirements may result in an on-the-spot fine of US$4,003, a fine of up to US$13,345 or six months’ imprisonment by the court.

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Providing false, misleading or incorrect information on border declaration forms may also result in these penalties.

During the blockade, New South Wales did not close the border with Victoria, but any traveller from the state must abide by the blockade regulations of New South Wales.

Failure to comply with the New South Wales Public Health Order may result in up to six months’ imprisonment and/or fines of up to $11,000.

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, the couple may face punishment similar to the three young Logan women who crossed all three states in violation of Covid-19 restrictions.

The group was fined in Victoria and then faced charges in New South Wales and Queensland for their actions.

Increased exposure points in Queensland and New South Wales

Authorities are scrambling to track the movements of the couple, who stopped several times during their road trips from Victoria to Queensland via New South Wales.

The list of exposed locations in New South Wales and Queensland has increased to 39, of which Dubbo, Moree, Forbes, Caloundra, Buddina and Baringa are just some of the affected areas in these two states.

Some have questioned how the couple managed to enter Queensland without being caught without a travel exemption.

Their route through New South Wales shows that they crossed the Queensland border of Goondiwindi, a small town on the McIntyre River 350 kilometers southwest of Brisbane.

according to Express mailOne theory about the couple’s route is that they chose to cross the border at Goondiwindi because the focus of police patrols is on the border of the Gold Coast.

However, the inland drive from Victoria to Queensland, crossing the border at Goondiwindi, is a popular route.

It is not clear how the couple became infected, but early investigations indicated that they may be related to the outbreak in the Craigieburn Central shopping mall.

Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer, Professor Allen Cheng, revealed a case registered in a shopping mall on May 23.

“I think the fact that we have been able to determine the possible link to the Craigieburn shopping mall within a few hours of hearing these cases or even before we can talk to them, really highlights our value in the QR code. Query the database quickly,” he said.

Dr. Yang said on Thursday that the couple seemed to be close to the infection period.

However, she said it is still very important for residents to come forward and get tested.

“It still exists, and I still need everyone who lives in the Sunshine Coast, Goondiwindi or Toowoomba and has any symptoms to stand up-it is very, very important,” she said.

“We have seen a lot of testing already started. This needs to continue so that we can make sure that there is no spread.”

So far, the authorities have identified 17 direct close contacts, of which 3 have tested negative for the virus. Two of the negative results came from the couple’s parents living in Queensland.

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