Police convicted for assaulting black people and 15-year-old boy British News

A police officer was convicted of assaulting two black men within two days, including kicking a 15-year-old boy when he fell to the ground.

PC Declan Jones of the West Midlands Police denied the attacks, but was convicted in a verdict issued by the Birmingham District Court on Monday.

The court found that 30-year-old Jones assaulted a man in Aston, Birmingham on April 20 last year and kicked a punch in Newtown the next day. He falsely suspected that he had taken drugs to a 15-year-old boy.

At the time of the attack, the police cracked down on the area. The judge said that the police officer abused his power and might be affected by “paranoia.”

He was accused of committing three assaults within four days of the first lockdown in Birmingham a few weeks later.

He was acquitted, where he hit a suspected gang member in a stab-resistant vest on the nose and was convicted of two other crimes.

Magistrate Shamim Qureshi stated that although Jones and another police officer stopped him and bent his fingers back, he took a “surrender posture”, but the attack on the child occurred. .

The judge said: “The next stage of this incident will be shown on the camera. [the victim] Stopped, opened his hands, and assumed a surrender posture. PC Jones then knocked him to the ground, ordered him to roll over and lie on his stomach, and kick him, which seemed to me like a free kick.

“PC Jones claims that people have hidden weapons, even if their hands are in the air or behind their heads, they may reach out for things.

“When a policeman can be seen kicking a 15-year-old boy on the ground in the video, people will lose confidence in the police force.”

In another attack, Jones hit a man around with his knee. He mistakenly believed that he had stolen a bicycle, which was actually his. The judge said Jones had abused his power.

Qureshi said of the police officer: “I think Officer Jones has a kind of paranoia, thinking that everyone in areas with high crime rates has weapons hidden in their bodies. I doubt whether he is suitable for this type of work in these areas.

“It is not a reason for anyone to be stopped and searched in areas with high crime rates.”

In his ruling, the judge said that in stark contrast to his treatment of whites, the police officer may be biased. “There may be a suspicion of unconscious bias, although I haven’t found anything about it,” he said.

The judge also said that the police officer did not comply with the new crown virus regulations and did not wear a mask, but threatened to fine a person based on pandemic measures. The court learned that Jones once stated that he “does not believe in this virus.”

Qureshi said: “These videos, some of which were posted on social media, are disastrous for public relations. The court watched the police selectively execute them when it was right for them to order people to leave the street and go home. The coronavirus law is embarrassing, but these officials ignore the coronavirus law and the action order itself. These videos did not show the police any good side at all.”

Jones will be sentenced on September 10 and will be released on bail before that.

West Midlands police said Jones is facing a disciplinary hearing. Its deputy police chief Vanessa Jardine said: “PC Jones’ use of force is completely inappropriate, and it is correct that he was held accountable by the court today.”

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