Penrith Panthers’ final score against New Zealand Warriors: NRL injury crisis at Suncorp Stadium

Without Nathan Cleary and Jarom Luai, the Panthers’ Warriors suffered an injury crisis in midfield.

The Panthers share the game lead with the Storm, but there is a lot of work to be done to prevent the defending champion from back-to-back after fighting the brave and unfortunate Warriors.

The Warriors played without a substitute for the entire second half. Panthers stars Liam Martin, Villiam Kicau, Isa Young and Brian Too scored 30-16 at Suncorp Stadium. The transaction is completed.

Penrith’s prop, James Fisher-Harris, left the venue in the last few minutes because he grabbed his knee after Kikau fell on his neck, which attracted attention.

The Panthers did announce their course in the end, but after losing veteran forward Tohu Harris with a knee injury, then the inspiring captain Roger Tuwasa-Sek had a disgusting collision with Matt Burton’s hip. After a back concussion, Nathan Brown’s men completely opposed them.

Tuivasa-Sheck was very worried, and the game was suspended for a few minutes to check his health. When the prostitute Wade Egan followed him into the tunnel with a shoulder injury in the 17th minute, he barely played, leaving a man on the bench to leave the Warriors.

Through all this, the Warriors refused to give in, and the violent Matt Lodge and the prodigy Reese Walsh both tried to get them 10-4.

When center Rokoberg left with a knee injury at halftime, it was a terrible moment for the Warriors.

The Panthers tried the combination of Matt Burton and Tyrone May in the first half, but until the Warriors gained a foothold, they had been trying to manage the game with any authority. The Panthers will sweat profusely after the return of Jarome Luai and Nathan Cleary in the Origin half, allowing their offense to buzz again and closing the gap that dominates the storm in the rest of the game.

Martin Motors

In the 25th minute, the introduction of New South Wales strong team Liam Martin changed the Panthers game. His energy and competitiveness gave his team motivation, which led him to two attempts and score 16 at halftime. -10 lead. Martin politely echoed with the “Falcon” under the pressure of his kick and saw the ball bounce back to the Warriors’ territory. When the man called “Temora Terror” made his third attempt of the season in the second half, the Panthers returned home and were washed away. Martin is Penrith’s most influential striker, but with a close ally in Kicau, he scored twice. This is the first attempt after putting tremendous pressure on Chad Townsend.


Entangled him and watched him go. The Panthers and the Blues winger have an insatiable desire for work and more work, and his running performance has exceeded 200 meters. To’o has reached the 200m mark 11 times this season and he is expected to break Tuivasa-Sheck’s record of 15 times in a season set in 2015. simple.

Hut Land

At the end of his Broncos career, Rocky seems to have found a home where he will thrive in the Warriors. He caught fire when he ran back to the Suncorp Stadium with the charge and unloaded the real hand for the Panthers. The Warriors’ injury crisis also forced Rocky to play the entire game. Together with the best forward in the park, Aden Fonua-Black, the two can become one of the leading starting front rows in the game. Their bravery under duress reflects the spirit of the Warriors.

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