Parramatta Eels vs. Newcastle Cavaliers: NRL massacre, McDonald Jones Stadium wins 40-4, Reed Mahoney is injured

After two disappointing weeks, Parramatta Eels defeated the Newcastle Cavaliers with a huge victory and re-entered the circle of winners.

Fans of Parramatta-you can start believing again.

After a grim two weeks, the Eels lost 66 points in a back-to-back loss to Manly and Nance. The Eels said it was enough and went 40- in the final gate collapse of McDonald’s Jones Stadium on Sunday. 4 Defeat Newcastle.

But this victory may have come at a considerable price. Reed Mahoney, a prostitute in good condition, suffered a shoulder injury late in the game.

When his left arm dropped weakly to his side and left the field, he created a frustrated figure.

Mahoney caused an injury after throwing off his arm and trying to kick the ball and will now wait for the scan results to see how many footballs he will miss.

On the Cavaliers’ Old Boys’ Day-20 years since they defeated Parramatta in a grand final-the Eels ruined the party with their outstanding performance and consolidated their place in the top four. Status.

This also shows that successive defeats are not so much more end-to-end than short-lived, even considering Newcastle’s clumsy efforts.

In almost the same halftime score as the 2001 deciding game, the Blue and Gold teams led 22-0 after five attempts through some fragile defenses.

Unlike twenty years ago, there is no miracle in the second half, coming from the splashing knight.

The home team lacks many front-line players, but in the special days of the club, this is still a disappointing dull and out of touch effort.

Parramatta scored 5 times in the first half and 3 more times in the second half.

Eel winger Maika Sivo helped him win the double crown, passing 50 NRL attempts in the process as he continued to close the gap with Fijian road roller compatriot Semi Radradra (82 attempts in 94 games).

Super performance

New South Wales must be in a healthy state when they can enter Origin games without the services of Clint Gutherson.

Brad Fittler couldn’t find Gutho’s position in Origin I’s team, but Eels didn’t complain.

They benefit from having their captain resolve the kick in the backcourt, organize the defense, try to try, create two broken assists and pull down the defensive belt to prevent attempts.

Dylan Brown had a stable performance in his first game after three suspensions. Ryan Mattson was definitely a minority, and Mahoney performed well after spending some time in the Queensland Origin Camp.

This is more like the Parramatta that their fans knew and loved in the first 10 rounds of the game.

The celebration was ruined

Newcastle definitely knows how to draw life from the party.

After running out of the tunnel of former players of the club’s 2001 finals, the Modern Cavaliers made almost no sound.

In the terrible first half, they completed the tone with a score of slightly higher than 50%, but they did not get better.

Yes, Newcastle has a lot of big players out.

But we didn’t see any fighting or spirit in our defeat of Manly 7 days ago.

The son of club legend Marty Johns, Jack Johns, took part in his club debut five minutes before the break, but he will not have too many fond memories of his first outing.

Adequate reserves

Blake Ferguson’s refusal to leave the pass and the decision to play against the Cavaliers on the bench paid off.

The former representative winger drove the ball powerfully and was safe under the high ball, but in the 30-22 victory of the Eels, his defense stood out.

Brad Arthur was eliminated mainly due to his defensive errors. Ferguson, who was out of contract, offered some good interpretations and made a powerful tackle in the first half to stop Newcastle’s one. try.

Arthur gave the 31-year-old the option to rest on the weekend to clear his mind, but Ferguson prefers to play and focus on his game.

But after the Eels had a big win in the main game, it is difficult to see Ferguson come back next Sunday in the game against the Western Tigers at Bankwest Stadium.

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