Nine new cases in Melbourne state may extend lockdown


Victoria has recorded 9 new cases of coronavirus-but 6 cases have been reported yesterday. I hope the state can control the epidemic.

The health authorities said yesterday that 6 positive cases had been detected after the midnight reporting period, which means that only 3 new cases have been recorded in Victoria today.

Two other cases were found during the hotel quarantine.

Cases of the new coronavirus in the state have also been detected from more than 42,000 tests.

Although the number is small, the state’s mysterious cases, a surge in infections and a rapidly growing list of exposed locations have exacerbated concerns that Victoria’s “circuit breaker” 7-day lockdown may be extended.

The lockdown in Victoria will end at 11:59 pm on Thursday, 7 days after the government ordered the state to stay at home.

country 11 new Covid-19 cases were recorded on Monday, Bringing the total number of infections in the cluster to 54.

At least one case yesterday was Known as the “pending case” Another person was found to be contagious since May 14.

Opposition leader Michael O’Brien weighed the outbreak in the state yesterday, saying that it is clear that the lockdown will last “much longer than 7 days.”

“For Victorians, this is a very worrying day. The very clear message is that we can’t expect restrictions to be relaxed on Friday,” he said. To Herald sun.

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At a press conference yesterday, Mr. O’Brien said that the language from the Victorian government was “very disappointing”, accusing them of “playing with politics and shirking responsibility” instead of caring for residents under lockdown.

Many factors can determine the lock extension

The government has consistently refused to comment on whether the lockdown will end as planned at 11:59 pm on Thursday. Acting Governor James Melino said that it is not just the number of cases that determines whether to extend the restrictions.

“This is the type of case. This is where it happens. It is [whether] We know where they are linked, if they are high-risk sites,” he said yesterday.

“The public health team considered all these things, when they have the confidence to advise the government, and then we can relax the restrictions.”

Mr. Melino said that the epidemic “is likely to get worse before it gets better”.

Chief Health Officer, Professor Brett Sutton, said that Victoria was “on par with this virus”, calling it an “absolute beast”.

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He said that the authorities are discussing blockade measures every day, but the latest developments are “really worrying.”

“We have increased from one case at the beginning of the month to 4,200 major close contacts,” he said.

“This is a fast-spreading virus, and the spread that occurs in those high-risk environments is very serious.

“So we have to see it as a day-to-day prospect. With more and more numbers today and those that are really related to the environment, especially in the field of aged care, we are keeping pace with this virus, it absolutely It’s a beast.”

He said Victoria must be “prepared for anything” in the coming days.

“We don’t know what will happen in the next few days,” he said. “We always say that.

Exposure point exploded and infection spread to elderly care

There are More than 320 exposure points across Victoria, Sending contact tracers scrambling to identify close contacts.

On Monday, “a large number of” exposure sites were added to the list, including multiple bus routes, a DFO shopping mall, and Big W stores.

Coronavirus crisis in Melbourne Has now spread to four nursing homes, In the Arcare Aged Care Home in Maidstone, a western suburb of Melbourne, there are now three cases related to it.

After a female worker in her 50s tested positive for the coronavirus late on Saturday night, the residence was locked down over the weekend.

On Monday, Arcare confirmed that a second staff member and a resident in his 90s had tested positive for the coronavirus. The woman’s son also tested positive for the coronavirus.

The resident has received a dose of Pfizer vaccine, but the second team member has not received any vaccine.

The elderly care resident showed mild symptoms but was taken to the hospital as a preventive measure.

“Arcare is well prepared for this outbreak, and our infection control practices allow us to manage this situation well and effectively,” said the elderly care provider.

Another positive case of the coronavirus was a worker in a nursing home in Sunshine, a suburb near Maidstone, Melbourne.

The staff at BlueCross Western Gardens tested positive late on Sunday and were close contacts of the caregiver who tested positive at Arcare.

Victorians are very aware of the damage this virus can cause to aged care facilities. During the second wave of infections in the state last year, more than 600 people lived in facilities.


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