New Jersey baseball player faces fans who allegedly poured beer on the away team

During a game on the evening of Thursday, July 15, a minor league baseball player entered the stands of Yogi Bella Stadium in Little Falls, New Jersey, and confronted fans who allegedly poured beer on the visiting team. A video shared on Twitter showed players from the New Jersey Jackals and Sussex County Miners of the Little Falls entering the stands when they heard shouts. According to Adam Grassani, the sports reporter who filmed the video, the controversy started after fans climbed into the miners’ dugout and poured beer on the players. Grassani told Storyful that members of both teams must be restricted from contacting unruly fans. According to Grassani, after the incident, the “responsible fans” were ejected from the stadium and the game restarted. According to Grassani, the miners won the game 15-14. Image credit: Adam Grassani via Storyful

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