Menarock LIFE in Heathmont, Victoria enters lockdown during Covid-19 contact


According to reports, an elderly care facility in Melbourne went into lockdown after a staff member was identified as the main contact.

According to reports, the Menarock LIFE Elder Care Center in Heathmont was in lockdown after a staff member was identified as the main contact of the confirmed case.

age According to the report, an email from all employees confirmed this contact, and the website was locked before 6 o’clock last night.

“I can assure you that we are doing everything possible to minimize any impact on the communities we are in close contact with,” the email from the facility manager wrote.

The facility declined to comment.

Prior to this, BlueCross Western Gardens Aged Care Facility and Arcare Maidstone Aged Care Facility in Sunshine had other lockdowns.

When the news came out, new data confirmed Less than 10% of elderly care workers across the country have been fully vaccinated The fight against the coronavirus has triggered a warning that “life is in danger”.

The Ministry of Health revealed that only 32,833 elderly care workers received two vaccinations.

There are more than 300,000 Australians working in the aged care sector. The new data also confirmed that 39,874 elderly care workers received a dose of the vaccine.

After being unable to answer the question of how many elderly care workers were vaccinated for nearly five hours, the department provided an estimate to the Senate after noon yesterday.

Disturbingly, the data shows that thousands of elderly care workers in Victoria have not been vaccinated because the state is fighting a new epidemic, which has already passed staff into nursing homes.

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Professor Kathy Eagar, director of the Australian Health Service Research Institute of AHSRI, told the ABC that less than 10% of elderly care workers received a comprehensive vaccine and criticized the federal government for no longer assuming responsibility.

“Elderly care workers are the top priority… but somehow they are forgotten,” she said.

The authorities also announced a Five-day vaccine “blitz”, Priority is given to those engaged in disadvantaged occupations, including elderly care, because the vaccination rate of those who work with the elderly is very low recently.


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