Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy fought against NRL rival Brisbane Broncos for his treatment of home country star Xavier Coates

Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy questioned how the Brisbane Broncos handled Origins star Xavier Coates.

Craig Bellamy said the Broncos’ decision to let the Melbourne star Xavier Coates serve as a substitute was “a bit harsh” and questioned the impact of relegation on Coates’ confidence.

In May of this year, Coates signed a contract with Storm. The contract was scheduled to begin in 2022. Since then, it has lost favor in Hongshan.

Despite being selected by Queensland in all three Origin games in this series, Coates has not played at the club level for more than a month and has faced the Panthers’ Kevin Walters in 17 games this weekend. Ignored again.

Bellamy said he was not sure whether Brisbane would choose Coates again this season, but said that if so, he would welcome Coates to join before the end of the year.

Bellamy told reporters on Thursday: “This is something we have seen (let him go early), but I don’t know if the Broncos have set a line through him.”

“If they did, you would think that they would not object to letting him leave early.

“If it happens, it will happen, if it doesn’t happen, it won’t happen.

“We can’t do anything about it. It depends on what the Broncos do, because he is their contract player for the rest of the year.”

Although Bellamy said he respected Walters’ right not to choose Coates, he said it was “a bit harsh” for the 20-year-old to sit on the bench just because he signed a contract elsewhere.

“If they don’t want to play with him, then they have the right to be there, but it seems a bit harsh. I’m not sure if Xavier is fit to play and he doesn’t play, what impact will this have on his mental health,” Super Coach Say.

“But this is the Broncos’ decision. They will do what they think is right and suitable for them.”

NRL clubs must finalize their roster before August 1, after which players are not allowed to change teams in the middle of the season, so the storm still has more than a week to decide whether to play against Coates in advance.

However, Bellamy insists that this situation is not high on his list of priorities.

“He will add a bit of depth to our outside defenders, he will add a bit of speed and a bit of size, but at the end of the day, we will not be too worried about what may not happen or is unlikely to happen,” he said.

“My job is to care about what we already have, not what we don’t get, what we might get, or what we will get next year.

“My job is to keep me focused on what is happening now.”

Storm guard Ryan Papenhuissen will play his first NRL game in Melbourne’s 10th round against the Cowboys this Friday night.

In the Magic Round, Dragons forward Tyrell Fuimaono was sent off, which made Papenhuyzen dizzy and unable to play for more than two months.

However, the long wait for the winner of the Clive Churchill Prize in 2021 seems to be finally over.

“He will play at this stage,” Bellamy said.

“It’s obviously been a long time, but obviously he encountered a nasty tackle in the Magic round, as I said, waited a long time, but we just want to be safe and not sorry.”

Bellamy said that Papenhuyzen has been training at full capacity for “two to three weeks” in preparation for his return.

The coach said that he has “a small plan” for Papenhuyzen and his substitute Nicho Hynes to participate in Friday night’s game, but in terms of specific details, his card has always been on his chest.

“We have developed a plan, and we hope to have the opportunity to put it into practice, and we will wait and see,” he said.

“I hope the plan can be carried out the way we want, but (Papenhuyzen) will definitely not play 80 minutes.”

Melbourne went to northern Queensland and won for the 15th consecutive time.

Since they defeated Penrith in the third round, the Storm has not admitted defeat. When they face the second-ranked Panthers in the 20th round, they will seek to make up for the last-minute loss because this is the most anticipated game of the regular season.

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