Melbourne lockdown will be extended after the cluster


Victorian officials will announce after a meeting with health officials and senior government officials tonight that they will extend the expedited lockdown period.

A lot of attention depends on the specific Indian variant, which has spread throughout the community and forced it through aged care institutions and countless sites in the state.

Experts warn that today’s pandemic is worse than a year ago, and new variants appear regularly. Professor Raina MacIntyre, head of the Kirby Institute’s biosafety program, said that these variants are easier to spread and are resistant to our existing vaccines.

As the state continued to report positive cases, the senior ministers met with health officials and gave a “high-level briefing” on the situation and the possibility of extending the state’s fourth lockdown.

The official has not yet confirmed the extension, but ABC, age with Herald sun According to reports, the blockade will continue after the deadline on Thursday.

It is not clear how long it will last-reports indicate between three and seven days-but Herald sun Said that “strict restrictions will last at least until the beginning of next week.”

It says Victorians should expect Five Reasons Rule stay on the spot. has contacted the Victorian Department of Health for comments.

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age Quoting “sources close to the government”, speaking anonymously because “the final decision has not yet been made.”

“Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton’s team is strongly inclined to recommend an extension of the lockdown period,” it wrote.

The decision is expected to be made on Wednesday, but Victoria’s deputy opposition leader Georgie Crozier requested an earlier response.

“Public health advice, Victorians deserve the information,” she said.

News came at the same time New South Wales Health Department reveals positive cases from Victoria Many websites have been visited, raising more concerns that the virus may have spread in the states.

“There are more viruses in the air”

Officials are worried that people will be infected soon after they have passed the virus.

Testing commander Jeroen Weimar said on Tuesday that of the 54 locally transmitted cases in the state, at least 4 were from “transient” contacts between Victorians.

“What we are seeing now is people passing by in a small store, they are going to the showroom, they are looking at the photos in the Telstra store,” he said.

“This is relatively speaking, relatively fleeting. They don’t know each other’s names, which is very different from our previous situation.

“This is strange to stranger transmission.”

Professor MacIntyre told Patricia Karvelas of the ABC on Tuesday that the mutation circulating in Melbourne is “more transmissible” and “more contagious” and that it has a specific mutation that “is more likely to make it more vaccine resistant than the strain , So this is a big problem”.

“There are more viruses in the air, and we know that SARS Covid-2 is spread through the air, so areas where people stay indoors may be more susceptible to this particular virus.

“The biggest risk is inhaling the virus through contaminated air in a poorly ventilated room.

“The risk of this variant has increased because we know it is more communicable.”

“Today’s pandemic is worse than a year ago, and new variants appear regularly. They are especially more infectious and have varying degrees of resistance to our existing vaccines, so the risk is much higher.”

After describing the spread of the virus as “worrying”, Mr. Sutton earlier hinted that it might be postponed.

“We have increased from one case at the beginning of the month to 4,200 major close contacts,” he said.

“This is a fast-spreading virus, and the spread that occurs in those high-risk environments is very serious.

“Therefore, we must view (blockade) as a prospect, day in and day out.

“With more and more numbers today and those that are really related to the environment, especially in the field of aged care, we are keeping pace with this virus. It is definitely a beast.”

Victoria recorded three new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday.

Health Minister Martin Foley said that two of the cases were the main close contacts who had been isolated during the infection.

The last case is still under investigation.

“They are not contacts, nor are they directly related to any exposure points, but they are very close to other exposure points, and we believe that the ongoing investigation will uncover further intersections,” he said.


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