MacArthur FC vs. Western United: a 2-1 win brings the MacArthur Bulls closer to the A-League final in the first season


The 2-1 victory put Macarthur FC not far from the final seat, but almost extinguished the hope of the top six in the Western Conference.

With a 2-1 win over Western United in their first season, MacArthur Football Club is one step closer to securing a place in the Finals.

Due to the blockade of Melbourne, they moved to Lechhardt. The outstanding performances of Markle Susata and Mark Milligan in the first half allowed the Bulls to sit in the box seat, and then Iker Guarosina’s The bullet ball creates a tense ending for the “visitor”.

If Perth fails to beat Brisbane on Wednesday, Ante Milicic’s team will become their first A-League season and the third consecutive expansion team to reach the finals-achieving a match with their rivals in 2013. Sydney did the same feat as the opponent who did it last season.

This not only put them on the brink of the finals, but also temporarily occupied their seats in the home knockout finals, which have climbed to fourth place.

However, for the West, after losing for the seventh time in a row, their eyes turned to the offseason-this once-promising season continued to end in disappointment.

It feels like deja vu again, because MacArthur made up for the injury with two rapid-fire goals early.

It is commendable that they persisted in the fight, demonstrating the iconic courage they lacked in most unwinnable matches.

Coach Markrudan will have the opportunity to look at his team when he is playing against the Central Coast Mariners on Saturday, and then he will “reset” the team.

As Rudan teased, the children got a chance, because the young trio Adisu Bayev, Dalibor Markovic and rookie Manny Aquik played after halftime- Let Manchester United fans look to the future.

After a cautious opening, with few chances and long distances, the Bulls won by horns.

Matt Derbyshire’s ingenious layoffs found Susaeta, who passed the ball through Ryan Scott before opening the field and played at Aaron Calver. ) Beautiful touches were made around.

A few minutes later, Milligan’s one-to-two with Derbyshire gave the captain a chance. He launched an unstoppable strike to the top corner, doubling MacArthur’s lead half an hour later.

When the result seemed certain, Guarroxtena’s bullet brought Manchester United back to the game, but due to the Bulls’ unwavering victory, it was not enough to trigger a comeback.

The Bulls almost wiped out their opponentssecond

MacArthur’s victory not only left them only a few days away from reaching the finals for the first time, but also almost determined the fate of their closest opponent.

Despite winning yesterday, Western Sydney was almost eliminated from the finals-Carl Robinson’s team did not reach the finals for the fourth consecutive season.

For the Bulls, this is a good bragging right, and they have not lost in a conflict with the Rangers this season.

Another game, another home

The Western United team is shaky on the regular guest points for away and home games this season.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria, the game was transferred to Leichhardt Oval, but although it was played in Macarthur’s hometown, it was still Western’s “home game”.

Monday night’s game is not only the eighth different game they have played in consecutive games, but also the fifth different home game in the Western Conference this season. It has been played in Cardinia Park, Mars Stadium, AAMI Park and York Park. Pass the ball.


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