Lupin Part Two Review: The compulsive, smooth Netflix thriller lit the fireworks

This compulsive Netflix series is so charming and addictive that you will achieve great results at all costs.

Lupin is the heart in your throat, gasping in your TV show.

If you think the first half of the smooth French robbery thriller is already exciting, then its fireworks show in the second five episodes is really hot.

Every episode is forced to watch, from the first minute to the end of the crazy ride, every episode is a suspense, let you slam the “watch next episode” button, because wait another 10 seconds for the automatic playback to start too Long.

For those of you who didn’t catch up to the first half when it was released in January—assuming any of you are left, because Netflix claims that 76 million accounts watched it in the first month of its premiere— Lupin It is a modern crime drama inspired by Maurice Leblanc’s century-old novel about the gentleman thief Arsene Lupin.

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This 2021 version is centered on Assane Diop (Omar Sy), the son of a Senegalese immigrant and Lupin’s number one fan. He planned and carried out a series of robberies, first of which was carefully planned at the Louvre. A scam involving a priceless diamond necklace that once belonged to a French queen.

Assane is not just for playing football-although he obviously gets pleasure from it like us-because it is part of a broader plan to retaliate and expose the despicable Hubert Pellet who was responsible for tearing Assane apart. Herve Pierre was far away from his father when he was young.

Pellegrini is one of those great villains that you like to hate. He is a super rich and influential business tycoon. His dirty fingers are in many untimely pies. He is a very annoying person in his own right, but his character effectively acts as a stand-in for corruption, crime and even racism of the powerful elite, who strive to maintain the status quo and oppress anyone who dares to challenge it.

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He is the opposite of Assane, who is a child of immigrants, a black man in modern France. He has to use his wisdom, tricks and creativity to compete with Pellegrini.

Like many great works in the robbery genre, including Ocean 11, Lupin Always keep some secrets from the audience until the end, which makes our pulses quickly pieced together. Oh, and you are absolutely smug when you do this.

If you haven’t watched the first five episodes, maybe you will jump out of this comment now, because we are about to enter the first part of the spoiler field. This is your first and last warning.

also, Don’t forget to see that there is no English dubbing. Watching movies with subtitles in French-much better.

At the end of the first half, one of Pellegrini’s henchmen kidnapped Assane and Claire’s son, Etan Simon, and police officer Soufiane Guerrab approached, Assane There seems to be no choice.

The game to save his son from Pellegrini’s clutches is a dangerous game, and the rest of the series is escalation after escalation, until the final confrontation in a very public event .

Assane has always liked to work in the shadows, and his exposure will make things very difficult. But this is where the new ally and old friend Ben (Antoine Gouy) comes in handy-flashbacks when Assane and Ben were students did help to cement this friendship, which became more important in the second half of the series. .

And, of course, since we have been trapped on our big island for 15 months, the charm of all these Paris attractions is more dazzling than it was six months ago. With attractions such as the Arc de Triomphe, the banks of the Seine, the Pont Neuf, the Orsay Museum and the Catacombs, it will rekindle the desire to jump on the plane—even if we can’t.

Like its starring Sy, Lupin is a series that exudes charm and charm. This is a beautiful and attractive work. It is very popular. You will give up your eldest son for another hot spot.

There are some plot holes, some untidy questions that let you go, “Ah, but…?” But they are easily forgiven, because when you spend such a pleasant time in a series, you won’t be for trivial matters. sweat.

The second part of Lupin will be broadcast on Netflix on Friday, June 11th at 5pm EST

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