Labor plans to vote on student catch-up plan to embarrass the government for education

As Conservative MPs called for an urgent reconsideration of the plan, the Labor Party vowed to vote on the government’s “completely insufficient” plan to help students make up for the studies lost during the pandemic.

The Senior Conservative Party has called for a broader plan, which may include extended school hours and extended trials of physical education and welfare activities to help children in England readjust after school hours.

It has been suggested that Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has been fighting for a larger catch-up plan within the government. His department published an analysis on Friday showing that the majority of the past decade has been achieved in reducing the academic gap among disadvantaged children. progress May have been lost During the epidemic.

The Labor Party plans to vote on the following Sir Kevin Collins’ resignation, The government’s Education Recovery Commissioner, after he condemned the £1.4 billion recovery fund plan for a serious lack of needs. He said this number exposed “underestimation of the importance of education.”

Collins has developed a plan to spend 15 billion pounds in learning recovery funds for teachers, tutoring and extending school hours. His suggestions include adding 100 hours of teaching time for each student to solve the problem of lost learning.

Although the Labor Party intends to embarrass the government by voting, the Conservatives, which are worried about catching up with the plan, said they may abstain instead of resisting. Some people already believe that this backlash will lead to the announcement of more funds in the coming weeks. Williamson said he was in favor of extending school hours, but was awaiting research on the issue.

Shadow Education Minister Kate Green said that in the government’s pandemic plan, children are “considered as an afterthought.” “Kevin Collins’ resignation clearly shows that the government’s education restoration program is completely inadequate to help every child recover from these effects of the pandemic,” she said. “Conservative MPs will now have the opportunity to stand up and vote for the future of our children.”

Paul Whiteman, secretary-general of the NAHT School Leaders Alliance, also said that students appear to be “very behind on the government’s priority list.”

The Labour Party stated that the economic impact of the loss of learning is at least 100 billion pounds, and the potential loss to the economy and the country is 420 billion pounds. It has formulated its own £14.7 billion catch-up plan proposal, which includes providing a breakfast club for each child, increasing mental health support, and providing more group counseling for students in need.

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