Katie Hopkins was fired by Big Brother after possibly violating hotel quarantine rules

Far-right commentator Katie Hopkins (Katie Hopkins) is about to play a role in “Big Brother VIP.”

Hopkins arrived in Australia on a “critical skills” visa last week and is widely reported to join the next season Big brother.

But she drew criticism Quarantine antics for her hotel Since arriving in New South Wales, he has now lost his job.

On Sunday afternoon, Seven Networks and Endemol Shine Australia issued a statement.

“Seven networks and Endemol Shine Australia confirmed that Katie Hopkins is not part of Big Brother VIP. Seven and Endemol Shine strongly condemn her irresponsible and reckless remarks in the hotel isolation,” it said.

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said earlier on Sunday that she had asked the Australian Border Force to investigate whether Ms. Hopkins had violated any hotel quarantine regulations.

Ms. Andrews said: “It is shameful that anyone’s actions will put our health officials and the community at risk.”

“I have instructed the Australian Border Force to immediately consider the facts of this matter and urgently review whether this person meets his visa requirements.”

A spokesperson for the Home Office also told news.com.au that Ms. Hopkins did not replace Australians who wanted to go home.

“These travel exemptions were approved with the support of the New South Wales Government as they fit the key skill categories for inbound travel,” she said.

“These travelers did not replace returning Australians because their travel exceeded the hotel quarantine limit.”

Since the news of her arrival spread, many Australians and expats have questioned how Hopkins University was allowed to enter the country because the number of overseas Australians allowed to return to the country has decreased.

In June last year, Hopkins permanently suspended her Twitter account for violating the social media giant’s “hateful behavior” policy. She was also detained in South Africa in March 2018 on suspicion of spreading racial hatred.

In her rant, she compared Covid-19 to the flu, and migrants to cockroaches, and said that patients with dementia should not block hospital beds.

Since it was revealed that she was in Australia, there have been petitions for her deportation.

In less than 24 hours, more than 22,000 people signed a new Change.org petition calling on Hopkins to return to the UK.

News.com.au asked Channel 7 whether Ms. Hopkins would still appear in Big Brother VIP programs, whether the network paid for her during the hotel quarantine, and whether the network believed it was responsible for keeping Hopkins. Ladies broadcast.

Neil Shoebridge, director of the Shoebridge Knowles Media Group, the network’s external public relations coordinator, declined to answer these questions on Sunday morning.

“We don’t comment on speculation about Big Brother’s VIP cast,” he said.

Victorian MP Andre Giles was one of the first to point the finger at the government to allow Ms. Hopkins to enter the country.

“Now that Ms. Hopkins is in Australia, she has started broadcasting from what she called’VIP isolation’ and explained how she opened the hotel door naked without wearing a mask to deliberately undermine the hotel isolation security. ,”He says.

“This is very disrespectful to frontline staff who are just trying to stay safe.”

Her arrival came a few weeks after the federal government announced that it would reduce the number of overseas tourists arriving in Australia.

During the delta virus outbreak, Prime Minister Scott Morrison drastically reduced the number of people to ease the pressure on the isolation facility.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce made it clear that if Ms. Hopkins violates the hotel quarantine regulations, he will Don’t be afraid to drive her out of this country.

“I am the one who wants to send Johnny Depp’s dog home, so I can send home someone who wants to despise our laws. If you want to do this, please pack your tambourine and leave this country. ,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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