Karina Irby shares bikini tips to change your body appearance

A Gold Coast internet celebrity shared a simple technique to “significantly change” your swimsuit sitting posture-and women like its appearance.

Sometimes it may be too easy to compare yourself with the perfect model in a bikini on Instagram-but an internet celebrity shared a simple trick on how to make your swimsuit look completely different.

Karina Irby, a physically active athlete and bikini designer Share in Instagram posts How the look of the two-piece suit “significantly changes” the way it is worn on you.

The Gold Coast lady shared a side-by-side photo of her wearing the same pink bikini, except in one photo, her bottoms were as low as her hips, while the other photo showed them pulled up to highlight the waist.

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“Please pay attention to how to significantly change the appearance of your body by changing the shape of your bikini bottoms?” Karina said in the title.
“Next time you see other queens showing off their bikini bodies, please keep this in mind.”

Bikini designers say that “there is no right or wrong way to wear a bikini,” and it’s up to you to decide how you like it.

“Personally…I am a girl with a high waist!” Karina said.

The post received more than 42,000 likes and hundreds of comments, praising the “gorgeous” Karina and her message.

“Thank you for sharing this,” one person wrote.

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“Awesome… Either way it is inspiring,” one follower commented. “Thank you, because you are you. You are really what I need for my healthy weight loss journey.”

“Moving to the top has changed my confidence in bikinis,” another commented.

Karina has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and uses her account to promote her company Moana Bikini and promote physical positivity.

But her posts are sometimes attacked by trolls targeting her appearance, and Karina revealed some annoying comments she received earlier this month.

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After she posted an unedited photo of her thighs and buttocks, the troll accused her of advocating an “unhealthy lifestyle” and “cellulite because you have no muscle and too much fat.”

in a Instagram posts Speaking of their comments, Karina said that she was “worried” about seeing the number of replies she received regarding cellulite.

“The healthiest women on the planet have cellulite,” she wrote in the headline.
“The problem is that too many people hide or cut off their gorgeous and sexy lady lumps!”

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