Joe Biden Meets with NATO Leaders and Turkish President Erdogan-The U.S. Political Facts | US News

Three years ago Donald Trump He shocked NATO member states at a summit in Brussels, warning that if other member states do not increase defense spending, he may be prepared to pull the United States out of the Western military alliance.

At a summit in the same city on Monday, it fell to Joe Biden Repair the damage caused by his predecessor’s four-year freewheeling drama, despite experts warning that the Trump era will have lasting consequences.

At least rhetorically, omens are favorable. The President of the United States announced Article 5 of NATO, under which an armed attack on one member is considered an attack on all members, “Holy Commitment” last week.

Similar language and respectful tone, which have long been Biden’s trademarks, are expected to appear in the Belgian capital, especially because the United States wants thenTogether with the G7, take a stronger stance against Russia, especially in cyber warfare, and even China, which is not traditionally regarded as an adversary.

Biden meets NATO leaders and Erdogan in Brussels


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